Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Molly Anne is One Month

Molly Anne is one month old as of yesterday!

Here are some fun things about you!

1.  You are very alert and have been since the second you were born!  Your eyes are wide open!

2.  You are on the move!  Those arms and legs never stop moving!  I still think you hate having your arms swaddled but it does make you sleep.  Even if I swaddle them down, you have moved them up within 30 seconds. Pediatrician told me she likes for them to be up anyway to increase your interaction with your mouth.  We think you're going to be right handed because you use your right hand a little more than your left!

3.  You have only gotten up twice a night since the day we brought you home.  Most times you've only been getting up once a night since you were 3 weeks old.  We are sort of following Moms on Call but adapting it to work for us and using the pediatrician's advice too.  We aren't really following much of a schedule during the day but I do need to start getting you to nap in your crib more often.  You've been sleeping in your crib overnight since day one and that's the best thing we've done so far for you.  Two things moms on call insist on we haven't done yet - dark room (we use a nightlight so I can see when I go I there) and white noise (I may end up doing this at some point).  The schedule that moms on call says to do does work and you are happier because of it!  

Yesterday you met the lady that will take care of you when I go back to work and you loved her holding you.  You're going to hang with her a couple of times between now and October so we all get used to things!

4.  You're still in newborn diapers but I'm not buying another box.  I think you can probably wear size 1 now.  You've outgrown most newborn things and are wearing 0-3 clothes!

5.  You love bath time and hanging out in the warm water!  The foam insert we got has helped make the whole thing a lot less stressful because we don't have to hold you up the whole time.

6.  Last Wednesday at your month appointment you weighed 9 pounds and 0.6 ounces.  You were 21.25" long.  They said in the hospital you were born at 20" but the doctors office said you were 19.5" when you were born.  They told us they're more accurate than the hospital!  For both height and weight you're in the 50th percentile. 

7.  You're eating/drinking 3-4 ounces every 3 hours during the day.  A couple of days ago I ordered the bigger Avent bottles because I have a feeling we are moving on up soon!  Doc says to feed you a lot during the day so you sleep at night!  

8.  You have been lifting your head off my chest since you were in the hospital. Your head control continues to get better each day.  We started doing tummy time too.  You love grabbing at toys. 

9.  You love music, being outside and when you get in your car seat you fall asleep instantly. You are a strong willed child (no clue where you get that from!) and if you want something, you will try as hard as possible to get it!  Your poppa is already teaching you math!  

10.  You love to coo and talk to us!  We talk to you too!  You are the cutest!!

We love you so much little one!!!


  1. She is so adorable and it sounds like she is doing great! I will have to check out Moms on Call; I can't believe how well she is sleeping!

  2. She is so adorable and it sounds like she is doing great! I will have to check out Moms on Call; I can't believe how well she is sleeping!

  3. Hi-we loosely followed moms on call too. My little one is 21m old and we still use a nightlight in his room. He started sleeping through the night as soon as I was strong enough to "sleep train" him and listen to a couple nights of crying. We have the noise machine and I would highly recommend it. My little guy can sleep anywhere and through anything-and I totally credit the noise machine. I think its great that you are following the parts of schedules that work for you instead of taking them for gospel.

  4. She is so darling!!! Happy one month, Molly Anne! xx

  5. Can't believe she is already one month old! She is adorable!