Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Monday

Here are some pictures of our Monday!

We went and surprised Molly Anne's Nana at her office!

This half human took care of things at the house. 

And spur of the moment we went to dinner with Kevin's parents for his dad's actual birthday!  Kevin couldn't go on Sunday so this was a redo. 

The best grouper I've had in awhile. 

Mickey and Mooch was good.  It's his favorite spot!  They came back to our house and we chatted for awhile and Nana hung out for the bedtime routine while the guys did their thing. 

Kevin and I laid in bed watching bachelor in paradise for the second night in a row. It's so ridiculous but so entertaining right?!  

Today we have a bunch of things going on - walking with my friend Lisa, music class, stopping by a neighbor's home and a few errands. 


  1. You are certainly making the most of every moment! It looks like a fun Monday!

  2. You look like you had an adorable Monday!