Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Music Class and Tutu Cute

Yesterday was a busy day.  First up, a walk with my friend Lisa.  Then, music class with April, Camille, Sarah and Gigi!

Molly Anne actually really seemed to enjoy it. Her eyes were wide open almost the whole time. She only fell asleep during the last song.  The teacher said how good it is to bring them even when they're this young.  I hope to maybe sign her up for the Spring class after I've gotten back to work and am more settled. 

Mills found these two turtles in our backyard and about flipped out at them.  Mills doesn't bark (he never kept barking after he learned that time) but he does this whimpy bark half growl thing.  I don't think the turtles cared! ;)

My neighbor's daughter made Molly Anne this headband and tutu!  Isn't it the cutest ever?!!  

I thought this was a cute picture of Molly Anne but it was before I put the headband on.  I was carried away with how precious this tutu was on her.  Seriously!!!!  I can't take it!  

Last night we went and looked at Sequoias.  We really are leaning that way but need to sell my car which we bought about two weeks before we found out that miss Molly Anne would be joining us!  Great timing!  Ha. Anyway, the bucket seats are pretty sweet and it has so many cool features.  We think Kevin is going to drive it mostly and I'll drive his current car.  He doesn't have a commute but I do so I need the more fuel efficient and smaller car.  Who knows, we will figure it out if and when we get this new one. 


  1. she is adorable, it looks like you're a natural at your new role as mommy :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That tutu is too cute! I love how you are really making the most of this time. :)

  3. We ran into a turtle on a walk and Jax barked and backed away, then got a little closer and sniffed and backed away quickly and barked...this went on for a few minutes. He was actually scared. It was so funny.

  4. Stop it right now with that tutu!!!! Beyond precious! I was curious about how early baby classes do start. My girlfriend started infant swimming class and she said her and her daughter loved it. I've got to check to see what our neighborhood has to offer

  5. I was a pet turtle but I think two dogs are already a handful to care for! and what a lovely headband and tutu!


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