Friday, August 21, 2015

Five on Friday - Keeping It Real

Whew, I can't believe it's already Friday.  

Today, let's keep it real.  

1.  I can't lie and say I don't miss traveling, because I do!  But I have really loved being home with Molly Anne.  I have no clue how it's going to go when I go back to work.  I was doing a lot of day trips the last couple of years but when I go out west (ie past Texas) once a month or so, I obviously can't do day trips.  So, I'll have to survive and Kevin will hold the fort down!  He's been very involved from the beginning so I'm not worried about it.  I'll just miss her like crazy!

2.  I hate that we can't go to the pool or be outside much because it's just SO hot and babies can't be in that heat or sun!  The doc told me to use blue lizard sunscreen on her and could even do it now (not wait the 6 months) but I just don't think it's worth it.  Maybe in September when it cools down.  

(My nieces on the first day of school yesterday)

3.  Sleep when the baby sleeps...HA.  This advice is so comical.  Everyone says it but has anyone actually done it regularly?  And if they have, did they have someone else helping around the house - doing all of the laundry, cooking, bottles, etc?  And someone must have written thank you notes for them too ha!  

4.  Some new moms say that every day is so hard and they don't shower and they live in seas of spit up and poopy diapers and they're walking zombies.  I was sooo intimidated by this and scared out of my mind to become a mom.  Pregnant friends - it ain't that bad!  It's fun!  And I'm not saying I'm perfect at being a mom (because I'm far from it) but like anything, it's all in what you make it.  I've put real clothes and makeup on every day since July 6th when we came home.  Molly Anne and I go do SOMETHING every day.  You'll go insane if you sit at home 24/7.  Must get out.  The first time she and I went out by ourselves, we went to the mall and I thought to myself, well if something goes terribly wrong, there are nice people in this world and a lot of women who have 'been there' so I'll just ask for help!  And people are SO nice when you have a baby - they hold the door for you and the stroller etc.  So, don't be scared.  I was scared and didn't look forward to this experience like I should have!  

5.  Kevin and I have a couple fun outings planned this Fall and we are excited.  I think the grandparents may be more excited than us ha!  



  1. Love #4...none of my friends were those moms who said they couldn't shower, etc. They were put together, went out to lunch and dinners, etc. I can see it being harder with a couple of toddlers moving about, but need to keep your sanity! It's all a mindset. I remember my mom saying that she put be in bouncy seat (or whatever contraption they had back then)in the bathroom and she would shower and do her makeup etc.

  2. She is so cute, love the bath picture! My daughter always makes sure she does something outside the house every day too. Just like you she said it saves her sanity. ;)

  3. Your baby is just such a bundle of joy! I seriously just kept scrolling up and down just to see the photos!

    I too, miss traveling but I don't have a baby that keeps me from going... Just so busy about everything!


  4. I found it easy to shower when my son was a newborn - he couldn't move! Now that he's almost a year old and can escape any contraption invented and is hell bent on causing destruction, it's tougher (but I still do it every day, because, you know, it's frowned upon not to at work). Recently I plopped him in the exersaucer so I could shower and I peeked out to check on him and he was crawling across the bathroom happily toward me! I'll never know how he did it.

    Sleep when the baby sleeps. LOL. Yeah right. Your little girl sure does look adorable when she sleeps! Those little lips!

  5. It really comes off the wrong way when you post that being a new mom "ain't that bad" are constantly on the go over exposing your newborn making it look so so easy! Each moms experiences are so different and some moms have severely colicicky babies. I'm glad your experience is so great, but you shouldn't make other moms feel inadequate if their experience is not the same fun, easy time that you have had. You're whole tone comes off the wrong way. Continued good luck to you!

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