Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hump Day Busy Day

Molly Anne and I had a busy day yesterday.  We did a ton of errands and I got a little more confidence on staying out longer than being home for the next feeding. I ended up feeding her in a parking lot in my car.  It was fine and now I know I can do that on the run.  This child has great head control but can't keep it up when she's sound asleep despite burp clothes on both sides of her head (pediatrician recommended this instead of buying the head support which isn't used very long).  She looks so uncomfortable but I kept tipping her head back and it'd fall straight down again. Bless her sleepy heart!

Obviously I'm not a professional parent and I'm still learning every day but one thing that BAFFLES me are these people that put their children in their car seat on top of a shopping cart (like where you put your bread and eggs).  Soooo dangerous and I'm to the point that I'm incredibly close to saying something to the next person I see. The child could die if the cart tipped over.  It isn't a matter of being a not judgy parent, it's life safety.  And I was baffled by this before I had Molly Anne and even crazier about it now (clearly!).  It's on my mind because I saw a lady at Target do it yesterday. 

In other news, Elizabeth came over on Tuesday to meet our girl and she brought the best treats. Her homemade soft pretzels are amazingggg. Thank you!!

Our meal last night.  I ended up getting salmon and got Kevin sea bass from the fish market.  They turned out pretty decent on the grill.  

Well it's Thursday.  Another week is almost gone. Maternity leave...slow down!  I love hanging with my girl!


  1. She is so adorable - I can understand why you love hanging with her! That fish looks amazing - I cannot wait until our grill is fixed at home and we can grill fish again! YUMMO

  2. I can't believe people put their car seats on the buggies like that!! Are they insane? I guess it's out of convenience but how dangerous! Oh and did Kevin tell you he and Theo are in a class together?
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. 100% agree with you on the car seat thing. The car seat should only go in the basket of the cart. It's a huge pain because the car seat pretty much takes up the entire cart. But that car seat could so easily tip over, fall off, etc when placed on the top of the cart. Drives me nuts, too. Harris Teeter has some carts that look like they are made to hook your car seat onto it so you can use the basket. They came out after we were past that stage, but maybe look for those next time.

  4. Ahhhh the Car seat thing gives me the chills! I honestly don't think I've ever seen that, and I hope I never do!

  5. OMG I feel the exact same way about people with their car seats on the shopping carts!!!! It practically gives me a panic attack every time!!! I don't understand why people would think that is an ok place to put your baby!!!!

  6. Loving the color of her hair!