Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hump Day Recap

This week is busy busy!  Yesterday started with Mills' vet appointment for all of his annual shots.  I'm so mean to have done this on National Dog Day!  Haha, who knew?!!

Molly Anne and I scooted up to Dean and Deluca to meet longtime blog friend Jess who was in town!  And then 1.5 hours passed by instantly as we chatted away!  Sorry Molly Anne for blocking your face baby!

Regrouping at the house with my two best buddies. 

Then we went to Gigi's house and I kept both girls for a little while.  

They were precious together!

Today I have a follow up glucose test to make sure diabetes didn't hang around after the pregnancy.  Yes I have to drink that junk AGAIN and sit around for hours while they keep checking my blood multiple times. Cross your fingers and toes for me please!


  1. Having no kiddos around this am means I can actually catch up on blogs! 😂 so great to meet you, my dear and good luck on your test! Xo

  2. Best of luck with your glucose test! I'll definitely be thinking of you!

  3. shame on me, I still have not done my glucose test again. And Charlie is 8 months old.. Good luck!!!

  4. Good luck mama! You had good thoughts for me and they worked, so now I will my good thoughts for you. Keep me posted

  5. What a lovely little family! And cute furry baby!