Friday, July 31, 2015

Girl Clothes

Molly Anne and I had a busy day yesterday. We went to visit our friend Cathy at Teeter, Mary at the cleaners, Ann in the Lilly department at Belk and returned some stuff at Nordstrom and Carters. Then we grocery shopped for her first time. That was funny because I just had to get a few things so I pushed her stroller and carried a basket, while I talked to my friend Cheryl on the phone. Crazy.  Then it was pouring when we went outside. But we got the few things we needed for dinner that night. Ha!  


I really didn't buy a ton of clothes for our baby while I was pregnant because we didn't know if she was a boy or girl!  I constantly told Kevin how much money I was saving by not knowing the gender! ;)

And I also told him he was in trouble if we had a girl.  Well....!!

Here are a few holiday things I've ordered!  I've also gotten some cute things from a couple resale groups on Facebook. 

Where do you get your smocked things for a steal?!


  1. Eeeekkk you got so much cute stuff!!! I see you've already discovered a lot of my favorite places!!! But in addition to those, I really like Stellybelly, Southern Tots and Smocked Overstocks. And then for Facebook resale groups, obvi MIC is the best, but also Smocking Hot Mamas Smocked Resale is the biggest one and I have always had good luck on there. I also love the E resale group and Ella only monogrammed group...I am sure there is an M resale group for sure and maybe even a Molly one where SOMEONE has to have gotten something with Molly Anne on it! :) Girls clothes are SO much fun!!!!

  2. I love all the dresses! Those Halloween onesies are just too cute. We're having a girl in October, and my husband is already afraid of how much I'm going to spoil her. I think I'll be pretty restrained but it will be hard. Little girl clothes are just so adorable!

  3. All your picks are SO darling! I really can't get over the pink halloween dress - too cute!!

  4. I have two girls and have had good luck with instagram closet/resale accounts! SouthernPrepBlowout and ElliesClosetCleanout are both good ones.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Talk about PERFECTION!!! EEEE! love.

  6. Check out Lolly Wolly Doodle. I used to get smocked stuff pretty cheap from their website. They're also on Instagram and have their own app

  7. Molly Anne is just as precious as ever! Sounds like yall are definitely getting into a nice, sweet routine. You are a stronger mama than I am with showing restraint before the baby is born! I was keeping it pretty neutral and then started buying girl things because, should she be a girl, we'll need some girlie things! I'll use the fact that we will be in India for the first few weeks as an excuse? :)