Friday, July 3, 2015

2011 versus 2015

This was our July 3rd in year 2011!  We got engaged this day in Hilton Head and I was so surprised!

And this July 3rd in year 2015 is my due date with our first baby!  Times change in four years!

We obviously aren't in Hilton Head today but it's fun to reminisce!

First we rode bikes all over the place.

We stayed at the Inn at Harbour Town which I highly recommend if you find yourself in Hilton Head for a vacay!  It's one of our favorite hotels!

We had dinner at CQ's then we went over to the Beach Club for drinks.  Kevin had arranged with the hotel for them to take and pick us up for dinner and then over to the Beach Club and then back to the hotel.  This was when we went out on the beach and watched fireworks that were happening a day early.  

This was also moments before we got engaged.

Yes, I was shocked.  He had kept telling me he hadn't asked Dad yet but he had on our last trip up to Maryland in May.  

Back at the Beach Club.  We had a big time and everyone in the bar bought us drinks.  It was crazy and we celebrated by calling everyone we know and partying on down with everyone we had never met before.  It was a blast!

The hotel came and picked us up and we took some more pictures in the lobby when we got back.  

Then enjoyed champagne and chocolate covered strawberries while calling more people!  

SO fun, I love re-living that day.  But today or any day soon will likely be the very best day of our lives!  We're ready (I think!)!!


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  2. Love The Inn at Harbour Town and The Crazy Crab! Good luck today if it's the big day!

  3. What an awesome day for you guys! Fingers crossed Baby G makes their arrival today!!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  4. Happy due date day!! How fun that two big moments might possibly sure the same date!! Good luck with delivery! Prayers for an easy one with a healthy baby and momma!

  5. Congrats on your due date and engagement anniversary. Is the baby here yet?