Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Must Haves

These are our must have so far.  We are obviously by no means professional parents but these things have made life easier!

Diaper Genie.  Enough said.  And we have found the refills are cheapest at Sams Club versus Amazon.  They're $20 for a 4 pack at Sams or $18 for a 3 pack on Amazon.  I had heard that the Diaper Genie wasn't really necessary but I cannot imagine the grossness without it. 

Boppy Changing Pad Liners - these are essential because if she has a little accident on the changing pad table, you can just throw this liner in the wash instead of changing the pretty pad cover.  Speaking of changing pad covers - get at least 3, maybe 4.  Sometimes there are multiple accidents on that in a day and you have to do laundry right away because your third one hasn't been received from Amazon yet! ;)

Gowns - I don't care if you get them at Target or if they're Kissy Kissy - have a lot of them.  They make life SO much easier, especially the 4am diaper changes.  They're even easier than zippers.  No snaps on pajamas unless it's for a special occasion ha!  Molly Anne wore one of these home from the hospital.  The Kissy Kissy one was nice for this because it's convertible which means it snaps at the legs so the car seat strap would work.

SwaddleMe - we got all kinds of swaddle things to try but when the pediatrician recommended these because they're so easy with velcro, I ordered them right away.  These work for now, maybe we do something else later.  Molly Anne doesn't like her arms swaddled in so these work for her having them out too.  You can also swaddle arms into these.

Wipe Container - my friend Katie wasn't kidding when she said this thing worked.  It only dispenses one wipe at a time.  We use Pampers wipes.

Avent Bottles - we had tons of Dr. Brown bottles and thankfully I didn't open them all before Molly Anne got here.  They are WAY too many pieces and our pediatrician said there really aren't proven facts that they prevent gas.  So she suggested these Avent bottles that are so easy and only 3 pieces plus a top.  I've been boiling them each morning after they're used but I know most people use their dishwasher.  For me, it's easy to just put them in a big pot of water, boil it and then they're done.  I think I'm working with about 20 bottles right now and that's been fine.   


  1. Aw! I haven't read your blog or any others I used to read regularly in quite sometime and am just finding out you have a baby! Congrats that is soooo exciting!!

  2. I registered and have bought a few gowns already because I've heard they're so easy! Theo isn't going to be too fond of a little boy in a gown but I'm sure he'll be happy he has it on when he's changing his diaper in the middle of the night!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. YES! To so many things on this list! Gowns are major convenience in the beginning! I have already stocked up on lots for our boy! And the boppy changing pad liners are the BEST. They saved us so much washing of the changing pad cover!

    And you've reminded me to order some boy styled velcro swaddles! I loved them with M!

    Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow :)

  4. You know I'm taking notes on this post!! Thankfully, we're already stocked with a lot of these things. :)

  5. Something I didnt know about-but became a life saver is the sterilization microwave bags. You can throw bottles and pacis in them with 3oz of water and just nuke them for 90 seconds, or whatever it tells you on the bag. These were a huge help when we traveled or just needed to get a few bottles clean fast. You get a pack of 20 bags and each can be used like 6 times or something-so it was pretty cost effective.

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you love the wipes dispenser. I started buying it for all my friends... Pushing my agenda on them! 😂 I was just at my friends' house this weekend & she had some contraption that sanitizes bottles for you. She said it was $20 & saved her life after going back to work. I can ask what it is if you're interested?

  7. I would highly recommend you purchase a sterilizer. I have been there done that with the boiling water. It is so time consuming. If you purchase a sterilizer I don't think you will ever regret it. The bottles you are using the company offers a sterilizer.