Monday, July 20, 2015


Friday my friend Emily came over to meet Molly Anne!

A few minutes after Emily left, Dad surprised us and arrived back in Charlotte much earlier than expected!

We decided to take our chances and go out for dinner for the first time since she was born!  

At Chuys. 

Molly Anne was so good!  She basically slept most of it. 

Saturday we had a photographer come take pictures which I should have back in a couple weeks.  

Lots of cuddle time with my parents!

Sweet girl. 

Saturday night Kevin and I went to a couples shower.  We took Uber and had a big time.  First time we had been out like that since October!  It was in the cutest neighborhood and had the best outdoor space - patio, covered area and awesome pool with waterfalls.  Gave us lots of good ideas. 

Sunday morning my parents left. So reality really began. I can't even begin to tell you how lost I would have been without them.  I'll leave it at that before I get teary talking about it!  

Yesterday went well though and so far today has been good too.  We upped her milk to 3 ounces every feeding because it didn't seem like she was getting enough. This definitely made her sleep better last night.  

Mills watching over my sitz bath.  I'm telling you - forget the witch hazel pads, spray stuff and anything else the hospital gives you - these baths are what have helped the most. Thank you Aunt Susan for suggesting them and for mom for making me take them. 

Last night hanging out with my people!

Today I've been to the dermatologist, gotten mills some tick med and now I'm expecting a childhood friend, her mom and lil boy in a couple hours. We are looking forward to their visit!  


  1. You and Molly Anne are staying SO busy!!!! I am sure your mom is already dying to come back :)

  2. It sounds like you are doing fabulous and you look amazing. Love Molly Anne's monogrammed onesie she is such a little doll- just perfect!

  3. Molly Anne is just precious! I love how Mills goes in while she's eating. And looks worried about you in the bath.

  4. She is so precious!! Looks like you guys are having all kinds of fun!