Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More visitors and life

We have had some special visitors this week. My friend Lindsay that I grew up with in Maryland and now lives in Boston was visiting her mom in Virginia this week.  On Monday they and her little boy Hayden drove down to see us.  How nice is that?!  They are like family to me. 

We visited for hours and just loved having our children together.  It was crazy that we have children of our own when we were reminiscing all of the things we got into when we were kids. 

Sarah came to visit!

And also Crissy who is Kevin's cousins wife!  

Yesterday after Crissy left, we played dress up in a dress that Fran gave Molly Anne!  Seriously how cute!!

Mills the protector.  

We facetimed with my mom for almost an hour and Molly Anne was smiling at her. It was so cute. 

She was also grabbing at this toy Lindsay brought her. It was precious. 

Things have been good since Mom left. I've actually survived without her which I wasn't sure was possible!  I've gotten bottles boiled, laundry done, mills is still alive and may even get taken to be groomed tomorrow, I've showered every day, we've eaten real meals thanks to our friends and mom last week, I've stayed in touch with my work stuff, Molly Anne has been bathed and is sleeping well, the house is now clean thanks to my fav ladies....  I really can't ask for more.  Now I do need to knock out some major thank you notes (gosh, people have been incredibly kind to us!).  And I'm sure there are other things lacking but we are trying. Kevin has been around a lot during the day helping and obviously at night too.  He's keeping up with the yard, dishwasher, helping on laundry and cuddling our sweet girl.  He's been a lifesaver.  We ventured out to SAMs Club last night which was good.  

That's all for now! 


  1. You have more visitors then anyone I have every known! Molly Anne has lots of love, that's for sure!

    And glad you are surviving without your mom. I am sure it isn't easy.

  2. Goodness, I absolutely love the dog and her together. And the crab dress! Too cute! See, you just had to tell yourself that you could do it when your mom left. You're doing great. Just try to slow down and rest (doesn't mean you have to sleep) a little because when you return to work rest will be the last thing on your list. You look wonderful.

  3. I love that Mills is never far from Molly Anne, so sweet!