Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Tidbits

Life is going well since having sweet Molly Anne.  I promise to not turn this into a baby only blog but I've always blogged about our life since July 2009 and this is our new life.  So I will be talking a lot about Molly Anne and still about what we are up to.  These first few weeks I'm just trying to keep up with things so there will be more photo dumps and less words but I still want to have it for my keepsake.  

Here are some things I want to remember that we've done:

1.  We went straight to the crib on day one she was home.  This was the best decision because now this is all Molly Anne knows.  And one less transition for later.  I highly recommend doing this to all of my pregnant friends but I will say that you have to do what works for your family.  

2.  Our pediatrician is so practical, I love her.  Molly Anne went for a weight check on Wednesday and she was up to 7 pounds, 13.8 ounces.  She gained over an ounce a day when the docs want them to gain 1/2 ounce a day.  Doc was really pleased.  Of course I asked the her 1,001 questions and this doc and I just really see eye to eye.  She said Dreft is not necessary, I can use our regular Tide.  She said distilled water is not necessary for bottles because we aren't on well water.  She said she is fine not having warm bottles (I didn't want to get started on warming bottles because I want her to be flexible for traveling and being out and about).  Now that she's back up above birth weight, doc says I don't need to wake her at night every four hours.  She told us lots of other things that will make life easier for us.  Moral of the story - she will tell us when she has an opinion on something and I like that.  Otherwise, she is super chill and practical.  I know everyone's doctors have different opinions.  

(Nana and Grandpa)
3.  Our friends and family have completely spoiled us.  Friends have brought meals, sent cards and gifts.  Vendors that I work with have sent gifts.  The outpouring has just been overly kind and we're thankful for our people.  We just can't thank everyone enough for their sweet words and that includes all of you!  

(My neighborhood gals Jen and Chris)
4.  We go through some clothes and lots of laundry.  My Mom has done about 3 loads of laundry a day haha.  I have no idea what life will be like when she goes home.  She has been so helpful.  

5.  We went for our first (non doc appointment) outing on Wednesday this week - to Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond and Babies R Us.  We had to exchange some bottles and also buy a wedding shower gift for a shower we are going to on Saturday.  When we were leaving our first stop, our friends April and Camille had just pulled in so that was a treat to get to see them and have the girls meet!  Yesterday we went to the mall and to another couple shops.  It was good to get out and learn this new life. We enjoyed the Nordstrom lounge for feeding and diaper.  Made things much more easy. 


6.  I had heard all about the details on labor and some parts of the after delivery recovery but I didn't think I'd be in that bad of shape. Well, maybe I should have followed doctors orders more carefully because it's taken me longer to recoup.  I'm doing sits baths a time or two a day now and these are helping.  I really need to feel more like myself by the time mom leaves. So when the doc says to chill and not drive and not do too much the first week or two, do what they say.  


  1. I love all the little bows! I'm sorry that recouping is being a struggle but take it one day at a time!

  2. You are looking great! Definitely be gentle with yourself as you transition. It is so wonderful that your mom can be there to help out.

  3. You are doing such a good job blogging. I've been such a slacker. Molly Anne is so cute!

  4. New reader here.. Just wanted to echo everyone else & say that Molly Anne is just adorable!

  5. Loving all the pictures! I, too, did not take it as easy as I should have the first week. After a frantic trip to my OB, I started the sitz baths 3x per day for about a week and that helped soooo much. If we have more children I will definitely be taking it easier the first two weeks.