Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meeting the Cousins

This past Saturday my brother, sister in law and two nieces came to Charlotte to meet our favorite little girl!  

Anna Kate was obsessed with holding Molly Anne.  Sarah warmed up to her by Sunday but for this picture she only put her little finger on her blanket!  ;)

I asked Emily to bring her good camera to take some family pictures since we were all going to be in one spot at the same time (which doesn't happen more than a couple times a year).

My parent's three grandchildren!

Mom with Molly Anne.  I've loved seeing her be Nannie!  And I can't even being to explain how much she's helped us.  

My parents with her.

The master of the house!

My parents with their grandchildren. A very valuable picture to me.  I'm so glad they are here to experience being grandparents.  I know that's almost gruesome but I'm thankful for their time with these three little girls.  


Our family...well my side!  My parents, brother and I with each of our families.  

My girl and I.

Love love.

Kind of appropriate with the American flag in the background with a July 4th baby?!  Not planned but very cool.  

Christmas card picture for my parents this year?!

Silly girls!

 Proud big cousin!

They brought her the sweetest little monogrammed romper!

So naturally we had a little photo shoot!

We love our sweet Molly Anne!!!


  1. Love the picture of your parents with their girls! so cute.

  2. Great pics!! You look amazing!

  3. Love your dad in pink with all the girls!

  4. It's a beautiful thing to have family close by and loving on Molly Anne . These photos are precious :)

  5. Molly Anne looks so much like your mom! I love her little monogrammed romper!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  6. What a beautiful family! Molly Ann is just precious.

  7. These are great! And that would be a perfect Christmas card for your parents.

    Mills is so sweet. Does he rub the skin off his nose burying stuff? Our beagle did that too!

  8. What sweet girls! I love that your Dad is wearing pink. You look wonderful and of course I love Mills.

  9. Such special memories! Love the colors in your family pictures!! -Megan

  10. All of the family photos are beautiful and you look amazing! Hope you all have a great weekend!