Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Uptown and New Bedtime Routine

Yesterday we went uptown to Tara's condo to have lunch and hang out.  This was Molly Anne's first time uptown so I had to show her where Kevin and I met - blue building in below picture. 

Tara fixed a big lunch and we just chatted and caught up. 

Her mama stopped by too which was a treat!

One tired little baby when we got home.  It's tough being ooohh and ahhh over all day! ;)

A couple pictures from Monday!  We didn't leave the house but I wrote 20 thank you notes.  I've done 45 total since she's been born!  Holy moley is right. We have some very kind friends and family.  And now I'm glad I don't have all of those notes hanging over my head!

Good friends tell you they're coming over to help you with a new bedtime routine.  

We changed up her bath last night and didn't use the Puj tub. Instead we used the regular child tub as suggested by two of my friends.  Molly Anne liked it much better.  She was relaxed!  Thank you Kimmy for suggesting and Sarah for also suggesting and making me do it!

Sarah even dimmed the lights for her to chill out.  We also added an extra feeding between 6-9pm to get her extra full before going to sleep.  It worked because  she slept until 2am and didn't eat until 2:30am. Thank you Smother!!!

Happy Wednesday. We have a little play date at a friends home and a pediatrician appointment today!


  1. You are dressing her so cute!! She's on precious little girl!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! One method that I love was using Mom's on Call! She will be on a schedule so fast and you will love it! I've used it for both of my children and it was a lifesaver! Goodluck!

  3. A bath in with dimmed lights sounds very relaxing. Wish I had someone to bathe me very night ;)