Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Easter Day

We had a nice Easter day and hope you all did too!  We were lazy minus all of the cooking!

The kids loved coming downstairs to find out the Easter Bunny had been!  Grady went straight for the Hot Wheels and Molly Anne to Hatchimals!

He's my attachment in a big way these days!

PS - yes, both of them happened to be wearing Christmas pajamas for Easter.  Oh well!

We watched some church and definitely did not sit still for an entire hour.  Keeping it real. 

Kevin entertained Grady and I was able to pull off getting the table together with some yard clippings and decor.  Found these bunny ear candles that Mom had given me a few years ago.  The table runner is old school PBK or PB.  The napkins are Serena and Lily and I can't remember where the placemats are from.  The vase that the flowers are in is Vietri.

This was my mom's china.  We ended up using it for dinner and used some smaller bunny plates  (big sale if you want to stock up for next year) from Williams Sonoma for lunch.  

Bloody Mary's obviously.  Took one to my next door neighbor too.  Old Bay rim!

I fixed 5 things and this was a big adventure doing this while having Grady with me.  YIKES.  
1. Cantalope balls
2. Ham Sliders
3.  Deviled Eggs
4.  Green bean casserole without cream of mushroom soup
5.  Sausage Egg Cheese Casserole

He did crack me up because from the time I put the plate in front of him, he just kept staring at it and was so happy looking at his food!

One of our neighbor friends who always walks by and talks to us dropped some cute things off!

Molly Anne made her Laura Cox Collection necklace and loves it!

Grady played with his cars more. 

Molly Anne put together some puzzles that my parents sent her!

For dinner we had picked up some steaks, bbq slaw and mushrooms from the Butchers Market.  They never disappoint.  

Added some Bob Evans mashed potatoes, opened a nice bottle of wine and dinner was done!

I got some things organized and most of the Easter stuff put away after they went to bed.  I had to get my act together before the circus of this week started again.  Printed some worksheets for Molly Anne and cleaned up the place.  AHH.  

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