Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Front Porch Pictures

How lucky are we that an amazing photographer, Karen Morneau, lives in our neighborhood and took pictures for any family that wanted to remember this time?  So special of her to give her time and talent to all of us!  Check out her work - Karen Morneau Photography - it's unreal!  And...she got Grady to smile for a picture - a true miracle!  We will treasure these pictures forever, thank you Karen!

We (meaning I) decided for our signs/fun picture to hold all of our favorite things that we've done during quarantine - Kevin's is his yeti ha, mine is a weight because I've gotten lots of working out in, Molly Anne has done a ton of artwork and Grady loves his trucks and cars, especially the cement mixer that Nannie and Poppa sent him a few weeks ago!

May this be a time that we all look back on and are thankful!

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