Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Eve

Today is the last day of the crazy Lilly sale.  

My friend Ashley told me that she was ordering this bag and I think I'm going to do the same.  I like how it's wide on the bottom to take a small casserole to a girl's night or to carry stuff from the house to the car.  They also have a bit smaller version that I may grab as well.   It's a great time to stock up on some girlfriend gifts too.  
Market Shopper Tote - XL, Multi Totally Blossom, large

We had the best Easter Eve.  It was a beautiful day in Charlotte and we knew Easter was going to raining all day so we did our outdoor Easter on Saturday!  The neighborhood organized an Easter Bunny to go around the whole neighborhood by golf cart on Saturday afternoon and it was the cutest thing ever!  The children all loved it!  

My shirt is $35 today!

The neighborhood organized this too - color the eggs and put them in your window for a social distancing egg hunt!  

I hid eggs all throughout the yard during Grady's nap for our own egg hunt!  

Grady got the hang of it quite quickly!  It was his first real egg hunt because last year he wasn't walking!  We did this while we waited for the bunny!

The EB!

Molly Anne ran toward him (well, she calls the EB a girl) and hugged him and said, "I love you Easter Bunny!"  He gave her a whole bag of Kisses!  

Grady wasn't too interested ha!  I wasn't surprised of his reaction!  Poor little buddy.

They hunted out back then opened all of their eggs on the back porch!  Grady's favorite were the milk chocolate eggs!

My parents enjoyed watching them do this part!

Easter Biscuit. Funny funny.

We played outside, grilled some dogs for dinner and hung out.  Our neighbors were out back in their yard too so it was fun to yell back and forth!

Loving his life!

This is why we did this big back yard!  All of my dreams coming true!  Playtime in the afternoon while grilling.  I grew up doing the same thing.  Everyone was happy!

Molly Anne left the EB chocolate milk and carrots.  This is after he ate some of the carrots and moved the milk from the heart where she precisely put it.  In a pumpkin cup!  

After a late night Ring Toss match via Facetime with my brother and his wife, the EB came to our house!

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