Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Week Six Positives

Here are some things I’m thankful for this week:

1.  FaceTime calls with dear friends. One of my oldest friends reached out this week to set up a call and it was definitely a highlight and I’m so glad she did!

2.  Molly Anne spotting a rabbit and naming her Sparkles!  We checked on her the next day but she wasn’t there! ;) She does live in the bushes next to our house but we saw her in a field behind our house!  Molly Anne wants to leave her carrot chips so we will do that!

3.  Got two new tires for the golf cart and my neighbor got a buddy there to put them on within an hour of it arriving via UPS. Major win that the golf cart is back in action. I fully realize how ridiculous this sounds but Grady is one happy boy! 

4.  Jumping in puddles after a rainy morning! 

5.  Watching the three crazies play out back. Grady can walk down the three stairs by himself now and it’s amazingggggggg that they can play out back now and I don’t have to be right there on top of them.  Molly Anne always coerces him into playing tag or hide and seek!  It’s sweet! 

6.  This love. And that this happens often without me prompting it and I’m so obsessed. 

7.  Front porch pictures by a neighbor photographer that I’ll post about when I receive!  These were a few from when we were out front! 

Have a great Wednesday!

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