Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Six Ideas to Entertain Kids

Hump day!  Here are some things that have been entertaining us this week...

1.  Molly Anne has been loving these worksheets and her number writing has gotten way better!  

2.  If you need to help your child with sight words, these flashcards are amazing.  Molly Anne has mastered Level 1 over the two weeks and now she is on Level 2.  They're individual decks that come with a ring to bind each one together.  Thank you Nannie for getting her these!

3.  In my last Wal-Mart pick up, I got the a zillion solo cups for them to play with.  They've both enjoyed stacking them.  Molly Anne has made castles and many other things!  I keep the ones she plays with stacked on the floor in the pantry and she goes in and grabs them whenever she wants to play.  Special thanks to Ally for recommending this!

4.  We've done painting and waterbeads this week so basically I win the fun mom award.  HA, just kidding.  I dislike both activities but did them because I thought they may like them.  Both activities have taken place outside.  The waterbeads made me a bad/mean mom so I had to throw them away on day 3.  They were getting them all over the garage and everywhere else.  Just keeping it real.  Goodbye waterbeads, they won't be back for awhile. 

Neither of them had a lot of interest in painting.  They wanted to ride bikes instead so fine by me!  They love just being outside playing.  That's what we spend most of our time doing - playing in the driveway, going on walks, scooting, biking or wagon rides. 

5.  Possibly the most exciting event so far this week is a neighbor posting on next door that he had excess dirt on the lot he's building on.  I think he meant for a big truck to come get a bunch of dirt but instead I asked him if I could bring a shovel and get a couple small bins of it for my two year old haha!  I even sent him a picture of them playing with it and he was thrilled he had made their day.  They played in the dirt for an hour and a half.  We will be doing it again this afternoon!  

And just so you know, dirt was all over the place and that was perfectly fine!  They had fun doing this. 

6.  My friend Nina told me about Art for Kids Hub on YouTube and Molly Anne has loved that this week.  You watch videos on how to draw things.  She did a pony, unicorn, elsa and I don't know what the other stuff is!  She will be doing this more often I bet.  

Would love any new ideas you may have! 

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  1. Water beads are the WORST!! We can not have them at our house because they drive my bonkers with the mess they make!

    We have been spending lots of time outside too, and one activity that has been a big hit is a scooter "obstacle" course. We draw it with chalk first and then Sydney goes through and completes it. It almost ends up looking like a Candy Land board and the obstacles include things like "5 jumping jacks" or having to get your scooter across the river without falling in (results in finding something in the shed that can be used as a bridge). Whatever works these days!