Thursday, April 16, 2020

Randoms - Grady Sick and Surprises

Last Tuesday (as in over a week ago), Grady woke up from nap with a 104.2 fever. It went on and on for a few days. Nothing unusual because he gets fevers randomly often. And we hadn’t been ANYWHERE. Thursday it goes to 104.9.  I scheduled a virtual visit with the doctor because it was the last day before the long weekend and because his primary doctor wouldn’t be available for a week. Basically the result was if he still has a fever Sunday, he must be seen in person. Monday I still didn’t want to take him because of obvious reasons but I did and he has pneumonia. I should have known.  Molly Anne had it a couple of years ago. I know what to look for and I didn’t!  So just because the world is losing their minds (some rightfully so) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your child to the doctor!  Lesson learned. Thankfully we think it was caught in time, his oxygen level was lower than it should be but manageable and two antibiotics should make him feel a lot better.  So far no fever this week so I’m hoping he’s turned a curve. This poor boy!  Debating whether we do a virtual visit follow up to observe his breathing or I take him in again. I know I’ll make the right mama gut decision for us but it’s slightly stressful, all of it!  I’ve been up A LOT very worried this past week and a half for a lot of reasons, as I’m sure you can imagine. 

Backing up to last Friday when a box appeared on our front step from my parents. They just knew we needed a little pep in our step.  It wasn’t planned at all but it was a huge treat for us!  They always go all out!!  Tons of Easter treats!

Mills took one of Grady’s loveys from his basket and acted like it was his.  Awwww. 

Took my bike (from growing up) on a cruise last Friday night. Mental help ha ;). It was funny riding a real bike after being so attached to my Peloton!

Poor Mills!  He loves to be right in the thick of their play area but then gets sat on. Mills doesn’t mind probably because he just likes someone touching him!

yep, rewind to the beginning of the blogpost. Molly Anne took this picture!  Lots of this the past couple of weeks. And I don’t hate it! :)

Sweet little buddy. 

I’ve instituted nap time a bit more structured for Molly Annie. I need two silent hours by myself in the middle of the day to work.  Occasionally I bribe her with a surprise to make her sleep when I know she really needs it. I think this bribe was alphabet chalk on the driveway after naps. Which really isn’t a bribe at all but she just likes a “surprise” no matter what it is!

Talking about surprises!  This adorable crafty box that my friend Sarah dropped off. I mean it was unreal!!!  Such a huge treat. I wouldn’t even think to do something so creative let alone make the presentation this fun!!

Grady has learned how to cheeeeeese!  Molly Anne loves setting up obstacle courses and making him do them. Hey, whatever!  It entertains them and they both love it.  And yes the laundry basket was part of this course....


Hope everyone is having a good week!  Keep your head up sistas, we got this! 

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  1. Poor Grady! Hope he is feeling better and that you are all doing well. Love the idea of getting the bike out - I've been SO thankful for my Peloton during these wacky times. Riding with wheels that actually go somewhere must feel really funny!