Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hello Thursday

Hello friends.  It's Thursday.  Yesterday was a rougher day in my world so I called Mom during nap time for a complaining session.  I really try not to do that often because let's be honest, things aren't THAT tough.  We're all mostly healthy minus some sinus stuff, we live in a beautiful home and neighborhood, we have food etc. etc. but sometimes it's okay to complain.  

It was one of those days when I was overwhelmed with work, keeping two youngins at the same time, cooking and cleaning up meals, and doing ALL of the things here.  I feel the constant pressure to workout because I know it keeps me sane.  I feel the constant pressure to cook all of the meals so we don't have to do takeout.  

But today, I'm taking Mom's advice and raising the red flag.  I'm going to go get my kids chick fil a for lunch, get a salad for myself and one for Kevin for his dinner and I'll throw something easy together for dinner for the kids.

It's raining today in Charlotte so we aren't going outside so I'm going to make it my goal to get the stove cleaned up at some point today...probably after bedtimes tonight.  I would also like to get a few bedrooms vacuumed.  Our house is taking a beating since we are home all of the time now.  I'm trying to keep up with it by tackling one thing per day.  Our floors are a mess and I have to do them once a week.  Last week I did bathrooms.  Yesterday I did all of our sheets.  

Anyway, hope all is going well in your world!  As well as it can go at least!

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