Monday, April 20, 2020

This Week’s Plan

Don’t know about y’all but I operate much better when I have a plan. And I like to prepare and set things out the night before too. It makes me as sane as possible each morning.  Here’s my plan for the week:

1.  Artichoke chicken with some sides that I don’t know yet, maybe just applesauce and peas
2.  Shrimp Brouquettes with caesar salad and slaw
3.  Meatballs with green beans
5.  Breakfast for dinner 

Activity ideas for the kids which we don’t accomplish all this week. Usually we play outside after naps until dinner so these are mostly morning activities. 
1.  Playdoh
2.  Molly Anne will do some of this workbook
3.  Field trip to one of my work construction sites
4.  Walk every morning
5.  Play with solo cups. I always see Ally talk about her children loving this so we need to try!
6.  Going to curbside pick up some canvases from Michaels for the kids to paint and we will hang in the playroom
7.  Play in the playroom
8.  I’ll probably set out some stations like I did last week. 
9.  Fill our sidewalk with chalk drawings 
10.  Tee time at golf course to let them run wild
11.  Taking our easel outside and putting some paper on there and letting them go crazy with paint. 

Lots of driveway hangout time this past weekend. 

Drew an obstacle course on the driveway. 

I can’t get enough of my buddy.  Im so glad he’s feeling better from pneumonia!!

Mama night on zoom!

Mills always wants to play ball after the kids are in bed!

Sunday morning lovies.

There was lots more in between these pictures. Have a good Monday!

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