Friday, April 10, 2020

This Week

We've had a nice week.  A bit chaotic at times but exercising is holding it down for me.  

Most mornings we try to go for a walk.  No scooting or biking.  Walking!  Molly Anne has become so attached to me.  She already was but this is a different level.  She likes holding my hand when we walk now and I secretly love it!

We used the egg spinner to color eggs!  

We also dyed them.  And we got more to dye because Molly Anne loved it so much!  She also put glitter on these.  Just add the dried egg to a plastic bag, add a little glue and glitter and ta da! 

Monday we had Basil for dinner for our anniversary!

I put random letters all over our driveway and made Molly Anne spell words that I told her.  That was about the only academic thing we did that day.  

Grady played a little golf.  They both loved it.  

Go Dog Go is his favorite book right now.  He loves dogs and cars so much so this makes perfect sense.  He will listen to all 60 ish pages!  And it teaches him colors, sizes and opposites.  

Wednesday we played outside in the afternoon.  Grady put his hat on Mills!

Poor Mills.

Molly Anne still sometimes sleeps with her toosh in the air.  Melt my heart.

I got one of the Rapid Egg Cookers that some bloggers have talked about and made this breakfast yesterday.  YUM! 

Do-A-Dots have also been a highlight for him this week.  And he's learned those colors and will say most of them now. 

Molly Anne cranked out a ton of worksheets yesterday that her teacher sent over this week.  I was proud of her and she got to watch her new TV show TOTS as a little reward.  

TGIF!  Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.  The Easter Bunny is driving around our neighborhood tomorrow afternoon so that's going to be super cute!  We will also be doing an egg hunt in our yard and we colored eggs this week to put in our front windows so children in the hood can "hunt for eggs!"  We will go walk around and look for some too!

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