Monday, April 6, 2020

Our Weekend

First, Happy 7th Anniversary to Kevin!  We will be getting our usual Basil takeout for dinner tonight and other than that, it's a typical day!  Well given our current quarantine situation it's a little different but you know what I mean.  

Some of these pictures are from late last week.  Honestly we haven't gotten bored yet.  I feel like with two young kids and working, it's going to be hard for me to get bored.  I like being home and having time to do stuff.  Should my house be cleaner?  Probably.  Should I be making fancier meals?  Maybe.  But we are really having fun and making the best out of it all.  On tap this week - 

 - Dying Easter Eggs
 - Coloring sheets of paper that have Easter eggs on them to put in our front window for our neighborhood "egg hunt"
 - Putting the entire alphabet all over the driveway and making Molly Anne run to letters to spell words
 - Getting the little golf set out to show Grady about golf

And we'll come up with some other fun things.  I'm going to stuff some eggs for a hunt this coming weekend.  

You'll see some similarity in a lot of these pictures - Mills is a saint.  But anyone who has read here for awhile knows that!

Grady finally says, "cheeeese" and smiles!  It's so cute!

I looked over at Mills when the kids were napping one day last week and this is how he was sleeping.  With his hoover in the trucks on the table next to his chair.  And his paws crossed.

This is how close his hoover was!  Touching them!

Taught Grady how to swing a bat one afternoon last week.  He loves it.  We've played a bunch since then.  

They played really well together one morning last week while I was on my computer.

On Friday Molly Anne decided she didn't want her training wheels on anymore.  She and I worked on riding her bike in the front yard while Grady ran wild all over the place.  She did really well but we were thankful for a soft place to land! ;)

Friday night with our neighbors...our new way of hanging out.  They talk back and forth from the porches all of the time now.  It's so cute. 

We played in the backyard through the fence staying 6 feet away!  They were blowing bubbles back and forth!

Continuing to stay 6 feet apart!

I got out and pushed Grady around the hood for an hour on Saturday morning and it was so lovely.  I usually kill myself on the peloton or doing something else so this was a treat.  Grady LOVES being pushed in the stroller so he was thrilled.  It was so nice out.  

A happy Mills on Saturday afternoon. 

Saturday afternoon happy hour with the neighborhood girls.  So needed and such a welcomed 2 hours.  I recommend doing this with any of your neighbors if you have a place you can.  It's good for the mental health!!  

A fun package arrived from Shutterbugs thanks to Nannie and Poppa!  Such a treat! 

We had a frozen pizza for dinner with an applesauce pouch on the side.  Eating outside is our new jam.  I'm tired of cleaning up crumbs on our kitchen floor and the kids love staying outside longer!  Win win!

Grady washed his trucks on Sunday morning!

Cutie pie without her hair brushed but a happy girl!  Now she says that she doesn't want to go back to school!!

I did a peloton ride with some friends from home.  It was Sarah's birthday and 300th ride so a bunch of us rode at 10am together to celebrate!

PB&J lunch on a Sunday!  

We played outside all afternoon while the guys in the hood did the same things the girls had done the day before!  

Kevin came home and we grilled out for dinner.  He had made some burgers and I just added sweet potato fries and that frozen cheesy broccoli bag that you can microwave.  We ate out on the porch!

Kevin made us a fire and we hung out after the kids went to bed.  CBS did a cool country concert in lieu of the ACM awards.  

Hope everyone is staying well.  Eat your veggies, exercise and take care of your mind!  


  1. Beth-I am a long time reader of your blog. Normally I don’t post comments disagreeing because I’m of the mindset “good for her, not for me.” But I am really disappointed that you’re clearly not adhering to the social distancing guidelines and then publicly posting about it. The 6 feet rule is for you when you go to the store, not when you hang out with your neighbors. Please stay home (and that means not hanging out with your neighbors). The virus is serious.

  2. Love all the pics - looks like you are doing a good job of keeping them busy and happy xoxo