Friday, April 17, 2020

Five on Friday

I've eyed these Violet and Brooks hair clips for awhile and I think they are so adorable.  I finally bought the navy set yesterday.  I bet Molly Anne will love these and they're a little "older" for her than her typical bows.  You can sign up for their email list and save 15% on your first order which covered shipping for me.

But I can totally get on board with this hairdo, I think it's so fun.  So we'll probably be sharing these!

My friend Tess has been putting stations out for her two children each day and I have been needing to do that.  The toys she uses are ones that they haven't seen in awhile and she puts them in a different room they don't always play in.  For Molly Anne I used the magnetic dress up dolls, magiclip dolls and a puzzle.  For Grady I did a Little People School Bus, musical instruments and a shape sorter.  (Sorry for the odd picture with the light coming in our doors)

Molly Anne entertained Grady for 45 minutes yesterday morning and I literally thought I had won the lottery.  She is SO good with him.  

The performance polos are my favorite for Grady during the summer because they're so much cooler for my hot natured boy.  I try to get one here and there when I see them on sale.  Prodoh had a sale earlier this week and I grabbed this one and one other.  I also got him a pair of shorts and Molly Anne a tee!  Prodoh stuff is so well made and held up the best last year out of everything else!

Mills is like can you all get back to your regular life so I can sleep all day again?  A little paw trim is in his future soon and very soon.  He loves laying out on the porch for a few hours during Grady's naptime and enjoying the sunshine. 

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  1. Love the idea of stations - we'll definitely need to try it out at our house next week!

    My husband and I keep joking that our dog, Trixie, is saying the same thing as Mills "when are you all going to get out of the house so I can have some rest?!".