Thursday, April 2, 2020


Today is Thursday!  I have to keep telling myself what day it is.  Thursday of week 3 of quarantine.  

1.  How is everyone doing?  I hope everyone is staying as sane as they can.  I know these next few weeks will be rough.  Getting outside is a good outlet.  Even if you can go walk your dog for 5 minutes without your kids, it will help you.  Anything!  And don't watch the news much.  It's depressing.   

2.  Just wanted to share a few meals we've made this week that may make your meal planning easier for next week...

Philly Cheesesteak Bowls
Egg Roll in a Bowl
Taco Salads - I always make the kids a quesadilla on the days Kevin and I eat taco salads
Buffalo Shrimp Salad - I talked about this the other day at the bottom of this blog post
Slow Cooker Spaghetti Casserole - this was a splurge calorie wise but DELISH

I've been going back to Pinterest to get some new ideas.  I am planning to make a couple of new things over the next few weeks.  

3.  Anyone watching American Idol?  I love watching Luke, Katy and Lionel together!  We saw Lionel at a private concert back in 2012 and he was unreal!!!  And you know I've seen Luke Bryan too many times but he's such a good entertainer.  I love the three of them and how well they mesh.  There is some serious talent this year.  Just Sam has my vote!  Her story is so touching.

4.  Since this whole staying at home thing is going to be going on for awhile, I'm constantly thinking of ways I can improve our little craft areas etc.  I ordered this from Amazon and can't wait to get it!  It's the little things people!  

5.  My next area of chaos I'd like to organize or figure out is Molly Anne's lego room, also known as our dining room.  I hate to take apart all of her castles/projects that she's worked so hard on.  But I also want to allow her to have room for new sets.  Any ideas?  I don't have a place to store all of her finished projects.  Do we take them all apart and sort the pieces by color in a container?  They've all been played with since they're been finished so each set isn't perfectly together like it should be so making a box of each set isn't going to happen at this point.  

6.  And this is odd but I haven't rearranged my bathroom drawers since moving in 2 years ago and I know those could be a lot more productive.  I'd like to get on that as well.  And I need to move some things around in my closet.  All things I hope to do one night after bedtimes.  

7.  My friend Kelly hosted a Zoom workout yesterday and it was awesome.  She did all strength and 60 people tuned in.  She is a trainer at the YMCA but shared her talent with all of us.  

8.  Speaking of Zoom meetings - how about all of these class zoom meetings where the kids all just yell and nothing gets really accomplished?  Lawdy be! 

What is everyone working on since they've been home?  Let me know how you're doing in the comments and what is working in your home!


  1. I love Lionel! I saw him as part of an all day concert many years ago. He only played for abut 20 minutes but he was amazing. I was supposed to see him and Mariah Carey a few years ago but I was in the hospital. I love just Sam too.

  2. Maybe for the legos, yall could take a photo of the finish product (and put in a little simple photo book later) and then store by color in the bins? I've seen ones with the drawers under the lego table, so it is all in one piece/ area. PS. Love your writing & meal planning~ I needed this today :)

  3. Love that craft holder! Thank you for sharing recipes, kid stuff and working from home stories. I am on the phone an assigned 8 hours a day. Keeping my kiddos entertained/learning is hard. More outside time after work helps and more snuggles!