Friday, September 20, 2019



Our fridge stopped dispensing water all together last week. Evidently all of the new ones have a “safety” on them if they dispense a certain amount of water too many times.  Isn’t it terrible that Jeremy and I have each other’s cell phone number because of this fridge?!!!  It’s had other issues too.  

Grady stopped his prednisone on Tuesday for croup then got sent home by the school nurse on Wednesday about 45 minutes after dropping him off.  Yep, winning mother of the year any day now!!  Honestly I thought he was better than he had been in a week that morning. School nurse heard wheezing.  Took him back to the doc and sure enough, “a little” wheezing. This is different than croup. And a minor ear infection. His second one ever.  So now he has another type of inhaler and amoxicillin so I’m just waiting for his amoxicillin reaction since we are all allergic to it.  Doc wrote a note that he was okay to go back to school that day.  His school says no, you can’t come back until Friday because an antibiotic was started. Ahhhhh.  Honestly, Grady was good. He was back to his old self almost!!  

We had a little date at Original Pancake House while waiting on prescriptions.  I figured if he could go to school per the doc, he could go out to lunch with me! ;)

We picked Molly Anne up that afternoon and enjoyed the nice weather by flying a kite and playing next door with friends. 

Grady hung at Ms. Becky’s Thursday so I could work and he loved being there!  He’s been sleeping well all week.  We had fun playing outside yesterday afternoon.  It was beautiful here. 

He jumped right on this scooter like he was going to ride it. He’s watched Molly Anne so many times!

This 60 second pasta with butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese is a great dinner for when you need a fast meal for children.  Aka when we are in a rush after work or when we have a babysitter.  Add green beans and a fruit and done.  

Beautiful sunset last night on Mills and my nightly golf cart ride.  

Here’s your psa - use proper nutrition before major exercise exertion.  I had a little episode Tuesday and was thankfully able to unclip so i didn’t fall off the bike.  Was able to get my phone and on the floor. Texted kevin to let him know just in case.  I crawled over to get Gatorade from the fridge and that helped more than water.  Mills of course was instantly by my side.  All was good. I was fine. But eat before you do a peloton workout ok?! 

Happy Weekend.  Taking Grady back for a recheck this morning then work and I have lunch plans with a dear friend.  

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Class Pictures Mama Style

Class pictures at school were on Tuesday but we took a few before we left the house.  The one below is per usual.  Grady was less than pleased to have to sit still haha.  Don't worry people, I didn't let him crawl all over the concrete and skin his knees. 

They received their outfits from a dear friend for their birthdays.  They're Beaufort Bonnet and they still have them on their website!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Poor Buddy

It was a pretty not fun weekend in Grady’s world. He was not feeling good at all and I felt so badly for him. I kept him home with me Friday and that was the beginning of the really awfulness that actually started last Wednesday.  One of his worst croup episodes + four molars at once = poor buddy. 

It’s like Mills knew. 

Mis matched pjs. We didn’t care. 

My fav. 

He lovessssss this puppy!

I did take Molly Anne to do a couple of errands on Saturday morning and we went to the playground for a little bit. 

Kevin took this picture of us playing with a domino train that my parents sent the kiddos to play with. It’s cute. 

We had a new babysitter come stay but not until after I put Grady to bed.  And this was actually good timing because his breathing was a lot better and he was coughing less. With no fever.   Benjy, Jess, Kevin and I  had late reservations at Peppervine so we stopped at Legion Brewing for a drink then went to dinner. 

This was late night so we were one of three tables left. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

It was quite the culinary experience and I loved it. Everything we got was good.  I actually really enjoy trying new and fancy foods so this was fun. We’ve traveled all over the world with Benjy so trying new things with them is nothing new!

Swimming at the pool on Sunday afternoon during Grady’s nap.  Girlfriend loves the pool. Knows everyone there and talks to every person. 

This week has been nutty but getting it done. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Hey Hey

Hey Hey, I'm still here, just very busy this week.  

Grady is a sick buddy.  Croup, croup and more croup.  More steriods.  Met with a very technical doctor this morning and came up with a longer term solution to hopefully keep him more healthy.  They still think it is laryngomalacia which is basically narrowing of his airway and a floppy airway.  Any little cold for Grady turns to croup.  And he's getting four molars right now.  I just feel so badly for him!

I had to travel for work this week and probably next week too.  Let the games begin.  Should be interesting.  We hit it hard when we travel and get a lot done in a short time period but it's still not fun being away.  And yes, of course Grady got sick while I was gone.  I went straight from the airport to the doctor's office on Wednesday.  I'll save you most of the details of that drama.

I'm super busy at work right now so that complicates staying home with him.  But I'm so thankful for amazing people at my office.  Plus, I'm getting it done from home pretty much just as well?

Our house looks like a circus ran through it.  We did get our air fixed on Monday so that was huge.  

Molly Anne has been amazing this week as I took her from school then had to take her back on Wednesday after I was able to get an appointment for Grady.  And I had to run her to school extra early this morning so I could get back home to relieve Kevin by 8.  She was just so accommodating and cool about it all.  Big cheers for my big girl! 

Got to see an old work/client friend Jodie on Monday night while she was in town from Denver.  We had a good dinner at Legion Brewing and caught up for hours!  Always good girl talk!

These are the weeks I need my Mom living here so she could help me with Grady!!!  No pressure Mom and Dad!  Ha!  This working Mama thing ain't for the birds.  I know it's all hard (truly) but I personally feel pulled in a lot of directions this week.  This too shall pass. 

I'm sure there are many other things to catch up on but I'm going to get things done and I hope you all have a nice weekend!  xo

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lilly what I got!

All of these dresses are on the Lilly sale for 50-75% off!  Crazy!!!  Yesterday I got five dresses and one bathing suit for Molly Anne for next summer and one shirt for this fall!  I got a few workout tanks, leggings and a sports bra!  Such a good sale and new restocks daily. I’m trying to restrain from getting a few new shirts and a popover haha!

This style runs really short so size up!

Happy shopping!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Lilly Sale and Weekend

Today is the first day of the Lilly sale   I’m so excited! Shop early to be sure you get what you want. You all know the drill. 

On Friday I took a jump and had my hair cut by someone else after YEARS AND YEARS.  I just needed a change.  @andreaivey did it and I loved her and what she did to my mop!  It needed big time help and look at it after she was finished!  Whew!

Molly Anne told me she was going to change when she got home from school before we went to dinner. And this is what she chose.  It was actually pretty cute. Peter Pan collar under a shift Lilly dress, because duh. Matching bow of course.  And the size 2T cardigan for good measure in 95 degree heat! 

One of the waitresses told us to try frozen waffles for Grady’s molars and wow she was right!!!  He has been so miserable this past week or so. I hope he gets relief soon. 

We played played played a lot in the playroom all weekend!  Our air conditioning isn’t working on our first floor so I spent a majority of Grady’s nap time on Saturday under the house trying to figure that out. (Kevin and Molly Anne were at the pool.). My Dad and next door neighbor helped me out after the HVAC guy told us it was an electrical issue. Drew figured that issue out but now the condensate pump still isn’t working properly so the HVAC guy will come back tomorrow. It’s 76 downstairs so not terrible but we spent most of our weekend upstairs!

Saturday night we met Kevin’s cousin and his wife out at Top Golf for a fun evening!  We love them. They’re so fun to hang out with. 

We ended up at a bar that’s part of a gas station in Fort Mill, SC.  Seriously those are the best places ever!  They had live music and a ton of people there. Good people watching!

Sunday morning we all laid low and played. Grady reverted back to two naps each day this weekend because his teeth are really bothering him and he was miserable being tired and hurting. After his nap but before his afternoon one, we scooted over to our club for brunch!

Molly Anne didn’t nap on Sunday so I had her help me clean out the bottom right drawer full of crafts in our mudroom. I use this drawer for quick crafts that I can pull out and put in my purse for entertainment if we go out or to keep them occupied while I make dinner.  While we were at it she did some tracing and letters. 

She knows how to do all of her letters but a little practice never hurts. This is the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Workbook. It’s really good!

We picked up carry out for dinner from Viva Chicken (there was no cooking in a hot kitchen!) and then played outside. Grady is into trucks so we took a field trip next door to admire Drew’s.  Grady goes “rooooommmmm rmmmmmm” and “tru!” 

Molly Anne loves some chalk and our friends Regina and Ava recently gave her a ton and she is obsessed!  She stacks them all and loves drawing all of the things! 

Mills and I wrapped up our weekend taking a ride on the golf cart and a quick Peloton ride.  

Busy week this week so I gotta roll. Chat soon. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Five on Friday - Grady, Easy Dinner, Treat

Grady is into EVERYTHING right now. (Hello almost 16 months.) As in someone has to watch him at all times. Unless he’s in his crib. Otherwise, the boy is wide open.  While I was cooking dinner, he was entertained by getting Molly Anne’s goggles out of the pool bag that was on the floor drying from being at the pool earlier that day.  And yes I know he shouldn’t be sitting like that. I move his legs forward 1,000 times a day. 

Playing with the busy board my parents made for Molly Anne. He was playing peekaboo with the picture of my parents all by himself. Pretty cute!  The playroom is Grady’s happy place. He lovessss being in there so we are a lot!  

A future woodworker like Poppa?  I think Molly Anne will be the engineer like Poppa. 

Tired little girl.  She’s been a busy little bee lately. Pool all weekend long. Lego and magnatile building before and after school. Every day.  

Hope everyone has stayed safe from Hurricane Dorien. I thought we may have some visitors from Pawleys at any point this week but they decided to stay put and ride it out.  They made it through high tide yesterday afternoon so that was good news. 

He looked so handsome the other day ready for school and eating his breakfast.  Anyone have any good fast breakfast ideas?  One or two days before school I’ll do eggs and sausage but the other few mornings we go the fast route - frozen pancake, frozen waffle, smoothie, yogurt pouch, fruit, English muffin, cereal, egg/sausage/cheese premade muffins I sometimes make - some variation of these things. Any other ideas? 

The sweetest treats!!  Such a fun surprise from friends!  And it made Molly Anne eat all of her green beans and most chicken from the dinner below!!  Thank you Emme!

A fast dinner that my friend Ashley from home told me about!  Chicken tenderloins, fresh green beans and red potatoes.  Get the green beans and potatoes that are in microwaveable steam bags in the fresh foods area (they’re separate bags).  Marinate the chicken in this (except don’t use the vinegar). 

Grill the chicken and steam the potatoes then green beans.  Mix cooked green beans and potatoes with butter and sprinkle some leftover seasoning from above packet on them.  Also, add Parmesan cheese. I forgot this step!  Serve. Easy, healthy, delicious. Well, three of us liked it. I won’t mention the person who didn’t eat it. ;). 

My children don’t eat a lot of carbs (it’s baffling) so they didn’t eat the potatoes. I have Becky to thank on the not many carbs thing. Molly Anne always chooses applesauce over French fries if we are out at a restaurant. Always!  Of course they eat sandwiches, ice cream and that sort of thing but nothing starchy. 

She loved the cupcake after all of those delicious green beans!  

This was Grady’s first cupcake I think!  

Also, may I mention that first we had to move him from eating at the island in his booster (that was on the barstool) because he kept pushing himself away from the island?  We were afraid he was going to fall backwards (he did at a neighbors but we caught him).  

Then he was just using the booster chair tray to eat off of in the middle of the room on the barstool.  Well now we had to move him to a shorter, more squaty chair because he was acting so wild and he’s umm a bit top heavy.  So yep, in the middle of the kitchen, in a booster, on a breakfast table chair with a tray.  And the second he starts acting wild and throwing food and his cup, he gets taken down — no more food or drink. It’s unreal! #boys. Sweet little bubba boy but whoa!

And I’m trying to use a bib more. I really don’t like them but I’m tired of lots of stain treating so this helps!  

The Lilly sale is on Monday morning 8am-ish!  Who is excited?!  I’m going to be on the hunt for workout tanks (I live in them) and some size 5 shifts for Molly Anne next summer!