Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Polar Express

Back in July I booked tickets to the Polar Express in Spencer, NC which is about an hour north of Charlotte.  I missed the boat last year and there were slim pickin's and I'm glad I did because this was the perfect year to do it with Molly Anne at 4 years old and Grady at 1.5.  Grady technically was free under 2 but we went ahead and bought a four top table so we'd have space.  I didn't really know much about the whole thing ahead of time so I felt more prepared knowing we could make do with extra room no matter how long the train ride was. 

You're supposed to wait and do Santa and the gift shop afterwards but we did it before the ride because I knew it'd be late getting out of there as it was.  They don't care when you do it, they just create the event in a certain order to make sense but we didn't care about doing things backwards.  

We booked the 5:30pm train because my neighbor told me we would want to get to the North Pole in the dark and she was spot on!  It was so pretty and cool with all of the lights.  The train ride was about an hour start to finish.  They entertain you and give you hot chocolate and a cookie.  We had the table etc. because we booked first class tickets...another suggestion from my neighbor.  Good idea for sure.  There is a step above - the parlor class - which is even nicer.  I've heard the coach seats are just perfect too.  I don't think you can go wrong with any of it.  

On the way back, Kevin and I decided this won't be something we do every year but we will probably take them back in two years when Grady will be 3.5 and Molly Anne 6.5.  I was surprised but he REALLY loved it this time.  Maybe more than Molly Anne?  I think it was more magical to him.  She was more interested in the sugar haha.  I have the best video of his eyes as round as they could be when he saw the train pull up!  Pure magic!

Anyway, here are the pictures...
Poor Grady was not impressed with Santa.  He's going to meet him again this weekend and I have a feeling this will be the same reaction.  Maybe next year ha... 

Still even in Kevin's arms, he wasn't into it.  Oh and you're encouraged to wear pajamas for the train ride too!

I'd like a rainbow walking unicorn and a pink remote control robot. 

He loved the gift shop and walking around picking up all of the trains and cars.  They had an overhead train that circulated the shop and oh my...he loved it!!!  Guess what Grady is getting for Christmas?!  TRAINS!

We got to meet a Conductor and thankfully I had thought to bring a copy of the book that my parents had given her for her first Christmas with the train.  He signed it!

Someone had to be the first on our car!

The North Pole

He saw Santa coming!

Santa doesn't give hugs unless asked but he asked Molly Anne for a hug!  So sweet!  She loved it!

She loved this gingerbread house!

She never falls asleep in the car.  NEVER.  Even on an 11 hour trip.  This was crazy and it was only 7:15pm when we left there!  It only lasted about 15 minutes.  Grady slept the whole way home ha!

It was a fun family adventure!  Tis the season!

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  1. Such a sweet and magical time! SC went through a major train phase too, and we totally indulged it! It’s so fun to see everything from their perspective.