Saturday, December 28, 2019

Elf Ideas

I’m posting this so next year I can remember what I did with this elf!  Ours is named Achy. It’s a boy and Molly Anne named him that last year!  I didn’t take pics but she cracked up laughing when he was in her stocking one day and then Nannie’s another day! Sometimes the easiest ones are the most hilarious!   

Honestly I loved doing this this year!  It was fun coming up with it each night and Kevin had great ideas too!  Molly Anne’s reaction when Achy was playing with her legos was one I’ll forever hear in my head! “Mama, ohhhhhh myyyyyy GOODNESS!!!  Achy is on my LEGO board!!!!”  And this was Kevin’s idea and probably her favorite!

By the pool

He also ate some snacks out of our pantry, swung on a (swing) toilet paper roll, and the last night he got tangled in our ring toss game outside on the porch. We figured he was antsy to get back to the North Pole and was starting his journey on out of here! 

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