Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas #2 and Christmas Eve

My brother and his crew came on Monday the 23rd and we did Christmas with them when they arrived!  Molly Anne was SO excited about her Lite Bright and Juno the Baby Elephant!  

Grady got a really nice Ertl tractor and a hat!  He is ready in his John Deere gear now!  Backstory - my brother lovedddd John Deere’s back in the day when he was growing up and honestly still does. So he loves having a little nephew to give all of the John Deere to!

For our Christmas dinner with the whole crew, we got some filet tips from the butchers market and we had those with baked potatoes, Caesar salad and these asparagus and prosciutto bundles.  My friend Nina gave me this recipe!  Easy and delicious!  

They went home on Christmas Eve morning!

During the children’s naps that day, I got on my peloton for a 45 minute Sundays with Love ride. Always feels good. They’re the most inspiring rides and I love them. Mills my trusty workout sidekick. 

And after this ride, I accomplished a little goal I set last year - use my peloton every week for a year. And I did it!  I got the peloton for my birthday mid November 2018 and didn’t use it a ton between thanksgiving travel that year and I was really sick. I started the week of Christmas using it more and then accomplished this goal on Christmas Eve this year. I know I sound like a dork talking about this but I’ve really enjoyed having it. I don’t always ride, I run with the peloton app and you can do boot camp, yoga, strength etc. it’s wonderful!

Back to Christmas things - Sprinkling food out for the reindeer! (Thank goodness she made this at school!)

We drove around and found Rudolph’s nose in the sky and that made us rush back and get to bed!  This is the Rudolph nose she got as a souvenir at Carowinds Winterfest!

We put out all of the goodies (we had put them all together ahead of time on the nights leading up to 12/24, thank you Dad!!!) and said to all a goodnight!  Except...Grady woke up at 11:35pm with croup. It’s not a holiday without Grady getting croup. I gave him the decadron and some Motrin and goodnight.  Poor buddy is still dealing with it today and for sure didn’t feel good on Christmas Day. 

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