Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Santa Brunch

Our official Santa meeting was yesterday morning at our club and Molly Anne couldn't have been more excited!  Grady knew he looked pretty sport as he cruised down our hallway. He's walking soooo much more now and it's been wonderful.  He's so much happier that he can get around easier!

Grady's shirt (similar but striped) / pants (bigger boys) /  loafers ($13)

Molly Anne's dress / headband / shoes / tights

We sat with two other families - a table of 12!

Eyes so big because he saw Santa was there!

She LOVED getting to see him and taking her list!

Grady wasn't so interested!  

Thank you all for the love on my dress.  You'll be seeing it again next week for my company party.  It's the perfect holiday dress that's on the conservative side.  Fun but appropriate.  Keep an eye out because you'll be able to get it 40-50% off.  I grabbed it for $79 last week with a birthday gift card I had. 

Happy boy playing out in the big grass area!

Love love love love. 

Giving Mills kisses and loving on him.  Mills is way over the cone in case you're wondering.  His toe is still not looking great and he's been getting a lot of extra TLC.  

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