Monday, December 9, 2019

Ritz and Bears

It was a busy holiday weekend so I'm going to break it up into a few posts!   Friday night we did nothing, laid low and finished putting ornaments on the tree.  I didn't even put most of my ornaments on it this year.  It's so skinny and there aren't many branches that are strong for ornaments.  I like how it turned out though.  

Saturday morning, we took the kids uptown to the Ritz and to see the bears in the Bank of America building.  It's something we do every year and I love the little tradition.  We valet at the Ritz and it's SO easy and convenient, especially with the stroller etc.  They always have wonderful gingerbread houses in their lobby.  This year they had switched it up to do a snow globe but the company providing it didn't come through so they were scrambling and doing something different which they said would be done by Saturday night.  They did have these gingerbread houses though that were unreal!  Their talent is amazing!

I've taken a picture of Molly Anne in front of this tree since 2015 when she was born!  It's near the Belk theatre!

Grady isn't interested in any picture taking this year!  

This is how you have to get Grady these days. 

They both loved checking out the bears but....

Grady wasn't so interested when they turned on. This is 18 months old!  

He finally got a little closer in my lap.  Molly Anne is on my other knee.  

It was a fun little morning out!  Most of it at least.  Don't worry, it wasn't as perfect as it looks!  

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  1. What special memories! It is so fun to have Christmas traditions!