Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Rest of Thanksgiving Weekend

I love this picture of Grady and Nannie, my Mom!  He looks so grown up!

Friday morning while everyone was getting ready, I took Molly Anne and Grady out to the beach to play.  It was so fun.  Of course Molly Anne HAD to wear her Christmas smocked dress (seriously, too funny!) so I dressed Grady in a Santa shirt and we headed out!

Beautiful right?!!

They loved playing in the sand together.  Grady did lots of walking on the beach and I got the cutest video of him doing that!  It made me so happy to see him so happy!  He wanted to go into the water so badly!

Molly Anne even got to fly a kite with some nice folks that offered to let her have a try!

We went over to my brother's, Grady went to bed for his nap and Mom and I took the big girls shopping at the Joggling Board.  Mom let them each pick out a little treat and something for the little girls at home too.  Molly Anne basically lived outside the entire time at my brother's.  They live where it's flat and no traffic.  What a dream!  She did this surfer, played on the big swing and rode a scooter ALL.DAY.LONG.  Literally had to bring her in at dark!  She had the best time with the big girls!

My brother cooked some trout and crabs he had caught and grabbed some shrimp in McClellanville. All of it was delicious.   

I could have sat there picking crabs all night long!

My parents and I went back to the condo to put the children to bed then Dad took me back over so I could hang with my brother, SIL, cousin and Kevin (and a neighbor came over).  It was fun and a late night/early morning!

Saturday morning we packed up the car to head home.  We had big plans on Sunday that we had booked back in July.  But first, a boat ride with my brother.  Girlfriend loves being on the water.

Grady does too!  He about fell asleep many times ha!

Kevin took this picture...isn't it adorable how tightly he's holding my hand?  Look at the white in his fingertips!

Molly Anne had fun fishing but wasn't successful!  Next time.

A little family pic on the way out. 

That's a wrap.  We got back to Charlotte around 4:15pm, picked up Jersey Mikes for dinner on the way into town.  Kevin unloaded the entire car while I did baths and we got everything unpacked and organized right away.   

Sunday midday (December 1st!!) we decorated for Christmas outside in tank tops and flip flops. Crazy weather.  After nap we headed up to the Polar Express which is about an hour north of Charlotte.  I'll post about that soon!  We still need to get our tree...we had planned to get it early Sunday morning but it was raining, blah!

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