Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cookie Decorating and Christmas Parade at School

Whew this is a busy time of year!  Plus work and just shoot me.  But I'm trying to make it all work!  And as us Mamas do (ha!) - make it magical for the children!

I got to catch up with my friend Fran on Tuesday for lunch and that was so fun.  We actually get together for lunch pretty often but never take a picture.  We're in the same line of work, have been friends for a long time and have children the same age.  Lunch with Fran is good for the soul!  We cover ALL of the things!

Monday and Tuesday nights this week I've made fudge for a couple of hours after the kids are in bed.  It's a big thing I do every December and one that I do enjoy, it's just a lot of work!  My Mom and her Mom have always made fudge so now I carry on the tradition.  I had this little friend as my helper.  He is over the cone and so am I.  Probably another two weeks.  This will probably be a two month escapade with his surgery by the end of it.  

Grady's first taste of fudge ever!  He loved it.

I did two trays on Monday night and two on Tuesday night. 

Wednesday after school we went over to Sarah's and she had a little cookie decorating party for the children!  I'd say for the girls but Lochlan and Grady were in attendance too! ;)  We aren't used to having boys before them!  ALL girls!  

Baby swap!  They're 4 weeks apart!

Mass chaos and a blast!  A few milliseconds after this picture, I caught Grady's head from hitting the floor.  April took a picture of the instant I caught him.  Mama intuition!  I'll spare you all the picture as it shows I need to head back to my Peloton or the new boot camp I tried this week! ;)

This morning, we watched Molly Anne in the school Christmas parade!  I kept Grady with Kevin and I so he could watch her.  I think his class was going to watch the parade anyway but it felt right to keep him with us! 

Nana and PapaG came to watch too!

They were snowmen and carried Starbucks cups filled with brown paper.  Jesus Warms My Heart.  Adorable right?!!

Little twinsies down to their names - both double names and have Anna/Anne in them!

Hope everyone is having a festive week!

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  1. I know you love exercise. For the past year I have been attending Reformer Pilates classes 2x a week in addition to mat Pilates and weights classes 2x a week. Many of my friends follow the same schedule. Those of us that adhere to this schedule definitely see results I firmly believe the Reformer Pilates is the icing on the cake for seeing results. The Reformer class and weights class incorporates some cardio. I thought I would put a bug in your ear if you have never considered Reformer Pilates. By the way I am 65 years old. I get compliments of my upper arms and shoulders. I definitely have definition. I do not use heavy weights. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!