Monday, December 16, 2019

Weekend Part One - Ashley Visits and Out

Backing up actually to last Thursday when Grady and I had a little Chick Fil A date. Time with just he and I is rare but boy do I love it when it happens!  The sweetest buddy boy! 

He loves some Mills. And the feeling is quite mutual!

Stud went and got these shoes out of his room and sat down in front of me like Mama please put them on me!  

Friday after work, my friend Ashley, her husband and two girls came to our house from Raleigh. They were in town visiting family for the weekend!  Molly Anne had the best time with her girls and us adults had quite the time together too!  They ended up spending the night!  We stayed on the porch wayyyy too late but the time just flew. She and I grew up together in Maryland and still are as close as ever!  I’m so thankful for one of my oldest friendships! 

Saturday began with gymnastics and then after nap, Kevin and I scooted to the southend area to meet up with my friends from college Kimmy and Jeff! The four of us are dangerous together hahah. We have had some good times for sure!  Saturday night was no different! 

They had a Christmas party to get to so Kevin and I went uptown for a drink then headed back down towards our house. I love uptown during the holidays so it was fun to be up there for a bit.

I’ll recap Sunday tomorrow. It was a busy holiday weekend!  We need a weekend from our weekend to recoup!

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