Friday, December 6, 2019

Favorite Things Party and Gingerbread Houses

Hmmmm let’s see what went on this week. 

The outside of our house is decorated!

I cleaned out the playroom and we are donating all of this. Done with the baby items!  Kevin grabbed a couple of things out that he thinks Grady will still use, otherwise - it’s gone. 

Molly Anne got a big haircut. She hadn’t had it done since June!  Isn’t it so adorable?!  Justin at Modern Salon and Spa does such a wonderful job!

Tuesday night we picked out our tree!

Wednesday night was our bunco group’s favorite things party!  April hosted and it was wonderfully festive!  This is right before we exchanged. We each brought three $15 gifts and went home with three other items!  You put your name in the pot three times and each person explains their favorite thing then selects three people from the bowl to receive it!  It’s so fun. We are going to do it in July and December next year and probably make the limit $20 because $15 is a hard number most say!

Nina and her tequila gift.  Amazingness. 

Always fun times with these girlies!  This is what I came home with!  Cookbook from Lauren, key ring from Katie and pore primer from Rachel!  My gifts that I brought to give were the Pink Grapefruit hand soap from Williams Sonoma with a gray striped tea towel from there. The ole trusty and i use both daily.  

Last year the Ballantyne Resort gingerbread houses were impossible to see because there were a zillion people there.  This year I was sure to look it up in early November, find out when it opened and put it right on my calendar!  Kevin picked the children up and I met them over there.  They loved getting to see each one!  Grady liked the one with a truck and another with a lot of animals on it. 

We take this exact picture in front of this tree every year! 

It was a fun little outing and we went to Midwood Smokehouse for dinner afterwards!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Love MA's haircut. the children are absolutely adorable!

  2. I am SO obsessed with MA's hair cut!!! She is seriously the CUTEST! Our Supper Club is doing a Favorite Things exchange similar to the one April hosted! She was over last week and told me how y'all structured yours and I thought it was SO cute how each person gave a little presentation on their item!