Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas Day

We had a low key Christmas Day and it was wonderful!  Molly Anne was soooooo excited. She didn’t wake up until 7:30!!  She had asked for a rainbow walking unicorn, pink robot and a certain Elsa castle. Santa delivered!   I don’t think she gets where it all came from yet - ie - Santa doesn’t wrap in this house but some unwrapped items weren’t from Santa. We just don’t go into much detail. I put her three requested items up front and called it good. She never once questioned Grady’s train table and we just told her Nannie and Poppa gave that to him which is true! She had other unwrapped items and she didn’t blink about any of it!  

Grady lovesssss his table and trains!!  

See the globe?  Molly Anne has been very interested in those for awhile so my parents had gotten her one. She called it an Earth ball. I want to remember that forever!  She has it on her nightstand and has been so funny about it!  

Nannie loving on Grady’s new puppy. This boy loves all animals but especially puppies. He yells, “deesh” when he sees one!  He yells “ish” when he sees a fish!

I got mom these gorgeous champagne glasses from a store here called Charlottes. They’re stunning.  She had picked them out and I went back and got them. Now of course I need some haha!

Molly Anne really isn’t into dolls at all. She has a bitty baby but doesn’t play with it much these days. She wants to do legos and be outside. Those are her two things.  We will see if it changes over time, who knows!  My parents gave her the Radio Flyer Cyclone and that’s been a hit!  Takes a lot of coordination so it’s great for her.

Mills laid on my dads knee for at least an hour!

Mills cane and sat like that without us telling him to do so!

Dad and I eventually made some bloody Mary’s and that was good!  Grady honestly didn’t feel good all of Christmas Day since the croup got him the night before. At this time of the day, I needed a drink ha!

Sweet boy still had a great time!  He’s been playing a lot of basketball and with trains!

We opened a bottle of wine that my coworker gave me at least 10 years ago. Mom made cream of crab soup and I made these biscuits  I know you’re impressed I made biscuits from scratch because that kind of thing does not happen in my world these days haha! My friend Nina said I could do it and she was right. 

That night I took all of the ornaments off the tree after everyone was in bed.  Our tree was so dead that I literally thought they were all going to fall off. Mills and I did our annual photo shoot too!

Just for fun - 2012 to 2019!

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  1. Such a special day! I love your cute pup - such a sweet face :)