Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Nutcracker and Winterfest

Molly Anne and I had a full Sunday.  I knew we had a busy weekend this weekend so we weren't able to attend a couple of birthday parties were invited to because of already committing to other things.  Can't do it all although we wish we could!

We played at home in the morning then we went to the Nutcracker put on by the Harris YMCA and at Charlotte Latin School.  It was MUCH easier logistically to go to this one versus the one at CPCC by Charlotte Youth Ballet.  While the shows were both wonderful, this one was much closer to our house, easier to get to, the show was a lot shorter and we didn't have to wait an hour to get out of the parking deck.  Highly recommend this one and we will definitely go to it every year! 

She LOVED the dancers and getting to see a few of them before the show!

She had the best time!  

We scooted home and we had some downtime.  I made an easy chicken parm for dinner then after dinner, she and I headed to Carowinds Winterfest.  She didn't know where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot.  She made a lot of guesses about where we were going on our adventure!  It was cute listening to her try to figure it out on the way.  She knows where a lot of places are in Charlotte and how to get there so it cracks me up listening to her decide where we are going.

She LOVED getting to go to Winterfest.  My neighbor had told me it was super awesome and she was spot on! 

We rode on the scrambler first, then headed to the Carousal.  
Riding on the Grady horse!  Then another time on a different horse that goes up and down.  

All of the lights are beautiful.  They do a really amazing job on all of the decorations!

On our way to the snoopy kid's section, we spotted the ice rink and she REALLY wanted to try ice skating for her first time.  So we did it!  We spent 45 minutes out there on the ice and she got so much better by the end of our time slot.  They had little things that the children could push around to help them stay balanced.  

I'm so so glad that we got to do this together!

We did a few rides in snoopy land then it was getting so late so we headed home.  First, she had to pick out a light up toy and she chose Rudolph's nose.  We had just watched Rudolph on TV that morning and also Frosty so she was very into Rudolph! PS - does anyone else go out on Christmas Eve searching for Rudolph's nose (aka communications tower)?  It is SO fun for the children.  Add it to your list!

Whew, it was an early Monday morning after all of that excitement!

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  1. So fun!! We tried skating last year and our daughter LOVED it!! The little balance bars make such a huge difference!