Saturday, December 28, 2019

Random Pictures

My parents came down on the 17th for Molly Anne’s program on the 18th. My Dad flew back on the 19th but mom stayed all of the way through Christmas!  In fact, they went back to Maryland yesterday. Booo. But anyway, we got some good Nannie time in and every day she did our laundry, cleaned our floors and helped Grady at every meal. It was A DREAM!  

Saturday morning the 21st we headed out for breakfast, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.  Grady would not put this digger down so we bought it, took it right out of the package and he held it the whole way through the next store!  It was unreal!  First time I’ve ever done that with either of my children! 

Dad got up at 3:45am that Saturday and drove back to charlotte!  He got here at noon ish. For dinner, we went to Fort Lawn, South Carolina to a place called Wagon Wheel. It’s a southern experience is probably the best way to say it. Any place that has an old school salad bar is solid!  Fried squash with ranch as an appetizer is another key item ha!

Molly Anne’s teacher sent this to me!  Love!

Other randoms...
Grady carried my Mom’s cane around allll over the house! 

Turned his ride along into a scooter and he is into it!  Got him the noodle helmet on amazon for when he takes it outside!

Dad and I did our annual stocking shopping for my mom. Grady joined us this year!  Typically we go on Christmas Eve but we did it on the 22nd this year!  This is the exact moment Grady spotted a tractor!  The boy is obsessed!  

On our way to grab groceries, we stopped by a construction site so Grady could watch the construction equipment in action!  Many years to come of this and I love it!  Actually Dad probably loved this the most!

Nannie the former teacher helping the buddy boy read!  She helped Molly Anne with some letter and her patience is unreal!  I need to learn patience!

Double trouble. 

Sam, one of their babysitters, stopped by and brought a gingerbread kit to them. Isn’t that the nicest thing ever?!  She’s so sweet and good with them!

The King!

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