Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Party

Our neighbors a few doors down always invite us to their Christmas party and it is a PARTY, let me tell ya.  They go all out and it's wonderful.  This year it was a Winter Wonderland with lots of sparkly included.  The dress for girls is sparkly and the dress for guys is smart!  Festive fun!  They hire the bartender from 131 Main so you know the cocktails are amazing and it's a fully stocked bar.  The charcuterie board is gorgeous.  All of the things.

First, Kevin and I scooted over to our club for a beverage and an appetizer.  Then we stopped by our other neighbor's for a pre-party.  This was her set up.  I love her whole house decor, it's stunning.  Next time, I'll ask if I can take a few pictures to share. 

We all went over to the party together.  

The bartender handed me this and said, "that's dangerous!"  Ha, then you know it's going to be good.  Hendricks with St.-Germain.  Speak to me!

Always good times with this partner in crime of mine!

Sparkly girls!  I wore my new Lipsense Color from @smoochbyapril called Blu-Red. 

I had gone to J. Crew the day before the party (yeah poor planning but it hadn't been top priority!) and told the girl I had a pair of amazing sparkly pants but no clue what to wear on top.  She gave me some ideas and I told her I had one of them - the Tippi Sweater (on sale).  Then I told her maybe some earrings would be fun and she suggested these (40% + 15% off with code MONDAY).  They are fabulous and not heavy at all.  I'm so glad I got them because with the muted sweater, the wild pants, these earrings really pulled it together.  

Now, the pants...probably my most commented item ever Instagram.  They're from Nordstrom a few years ago.  I looked and they don't have them anymore but these from Spanx are a close second.  Another girl had these on at the party and they're amazing too!  Good for the holidays and NYE!

Hope everyone gets a little sparkle in their life this December!  Cheers!

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