Saturday, November 9, 2019

Grady is 18 months!

Grady is 18 months today!!  We love this bubba boy so much. Here’s what he’s up to. This past month was a huge one but i don’t think I’ve done a post since 15 months, maybe 12!

1.  31 pounds (99%), 33.5” (84%) and 50cm.  2T clothes, size 5 diaper although moving on up next box, size 5 shoe.  

2.  He has started talking a ton in the last two weeks. Boat, tractor, golf cart, truck, mills, look, book and many more.  All boy! 

3.  He finally walked on October 19th. Kevin’s parents were here and saw him which was cool!  Now he just needs to choose to walk over crawling!  

4.  He dropped from 2 to 1 naps in August at 15 months old. He was mostly ready but his new school kicked that into high gear for us. I miss that morning nap because I got a lot of things done and Molly Anne and I always did something special. But it’s also nice now because we can get out and about in the mornings!  He still goes to bed at 7 and gets up at 7.  Thank you moms on call!

5.  He really likes climbing up the stairs when he’s not supposed to. He even unties the ribbon I have joining the gate to the stair post. He likes golf cart rides A LOT. We have lived on that thing during teething and anytime he’s sick.  He loves riding on his plasma car that’s honestly a little old for him but he loves it. He loves being outside. He loves watching construction equipment and planes.  He does not love TV. He does not love being away from me. He loves Molly Anne and Mills something fierce.  He loves his mornings with Da-da watching tractors and screams his name if he goes across the house.  He loves brushing his teeth and playing in the tub. 

6.  Croup is still happening way too often. Daily Zyrtec is our latest plan of attack versus breathing treatments of Budesinide. Zyrtec is proving to be better for him so let’s hope that stays. The child is always sick or getting teeth. And he takes getting sick to a whole new level. I feel so badly for him!

7.  He is loving his new school and I’m so glad he’s become comfortable there. Leaving Ms. Becky’s is hard for everyone. He calls his new teacher by name and they are all SO sweet to him (and me!).  

8.  He became picky on food probably around 17 months.  I still give him all of the same things and hopefully he will grow out of it sooner rather than later. He still tears up the buffet at our club every time we go and he won’t be whittling away anytime soon! ;)

9.  I can’t wait to see this boy for the Christmas season. He will love the lights and pulling down our tree!  I’m sure he will hate Santa. He isn’t into stuff like that, hence his lack of Halloween costume. He is the exact opposite of Molly Anne in that regard, even when she was his age. 

10.  Watching he and Molly Anne together is magical. She is so good with him and he idolizes her. They have little inside things they do and say as we ride to and from school. I love that time with them. We talk talk talk! 

And the queenie wanted her picture included!  Next time I’ll brush her hair, ha!

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  1. They are the cutest!!! Love that MA insists on having her picture included too! Grady is getting SO big!!