Friday, November 22, 2019

Five on Friday - Molly Anne -isms, Mills Update and Out

Molly Anne has said two extra funny things this week. 
1.  On the way to gymnastics she said, "My body is like so cool!"
2.  The other day in the car she randomly said, "I love Drama class because Ms. Tiffany let's me talk!"  No truer words have ever been spoken.  
I love this child more than life itself.

She did climb up an extra knot on the rope so it's good she was feeling extra confident and strong! 

Mills has been going to the vet every few days for bandage changes on his paw.  His other three spots are healing nicely.  He gets his stitches out on Monday.  Let me tell you how fun it's been getting him to the vet every few days and every time I take him out to potty I have to put a plastic bag on his paw that takes an interesting maneuver to happen.  NOT complaining, just saying.  

The biposy came back mostly good.  It's benign but it had some cells in it that don't look good.  She thinks she got all of it this time but it's very at risk for coming back quickly so we will be keeping a close eye on it forever.  This boy!

Many golf cart rides have been happening to keep this puppy extra happy! 

Last Sunday I almost lost all of my sanity with my favorite little boy constantly trying to get up the stairs, mostly because he knows he isn't supposed to be doing it.  So I ordered this gate off of Amazon and it's WAY better than the 3/4 one we had before.  He can still untie this but it takes him a lot longer and this blocks him much better.  This looks hideous but I know it's temporary. 

Yes, this adorable, sweet, cuddly little boy does things that he isn't supposed to do.  This is 18 months!

Christmas party planning is in full force at the children's school.  They actually had their Thanksgiving one this past Thursday.  I grabbed all of this at the dollar store this week before it's all gone.  It doesn't look like the greens coordinate, but they do haha.  They always love wearing the jingle bell necklaces.  I got Grady's class these little rudolph headbands that are adorable and they won't keep on but the thought it there!   

Otherwise, I'm buying gifts for 9 teachers plus two teacher birthdays so 11 gift cards!  I've been on a mission this week and I have 9 of the 11 cards so far!  All different places except three were to Target!  We get the gift cards to their favorite places that they filled out on their favorites sheet at the beginning of the year!  Busy busy busy but it's so fun!

Girl's night at the new Foxcroft Wine Bar in Waverly and baby Jack came too!  Always such a fun time with these girls!  

Sweet bubba boy when I got home.  I love that he sleeps like this with his toosh in the air.  Molly Anne did when she was his age and still does sometimes!  

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

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