Monday, November 18, 2019

Birthday Weekend

We had a busy but super fun weekend!  I’m going on a detox this week! 

Friday night my friend planned a neighborhood girls night and the seven of us met up at the clubhouse and hung out. We each brought an appetizer and whatever we wanted to drink. It was so fun! 

We had some golf cart shenanigans afterwards. Then I stayed at Hilary’s way too late. Good times!

I can’t even tell you what we did during the day on Saturday except we played at home and hung out. I did have to take Mills for a check up and bandage change.  

Kevin’s mom came over around dinner time and kept the children so we could zip out for a few hours. We went to the new Foxcroft Wine Bar in Waverly and yes it’s as amazing as it looks. So glad it’s 10 minutes from our house. I’m going again with friends this week.  

The house made ricotta is essential. 

We went to CO for dinner and then an after dinner drink at Porters House. We got home by 8:15pm and made a fire and watched the NC State game on the porch. 

There aren’t many things I like more than red wine or Jack Daniels by the fire while watching NC State!

Mills lived his best life two days post surgery and was SO happy to be out there with us!  

Bag on his paw but it still got wet so I changed his bandage late night. 

Yesterday was my birthday so we went to the Southend area and had brunch at Superica. Grady ate chips the entire time we were there.  Literally. He loved the salsa too. 

They both loved watching the train (light rail) after brunch. I need to take them for a ride. Molly Anne has been but doesn’t remember it. 

I got to ride my Peloton when we got home and Grady napped. 

We went next door for dinner. Drew went and got a bunch of food from the Butchers Market and cooked it for us. Hilary surprised me with our favorite Christmas ale.  Such a treat! Kevin had gotten a cake! We had the best time. Definitely the highlight of the day.  It’s just easy.  This picture cracks me up for so many reasons!  

Molly Anne’s card!

Grady signing the card that the children gave me!

Cake haha

It was a wonderful day!  Molly Anne was sooo excited about my birthday this year and gave away all of Kevin’s secrets. It cracked me up!