Friday, November 15, 2019


I haven't really done a what's been going on post in awhile so thought I'd jot a few things down.

1.  I completed a 30 day Peloton challenge in October where I had to do something from the Peloton app every day - cycling, yoga, strength, running, walking.  It was actually really good to do.  I never thought I'd be able to do it but somehow made it happen.  I had to cheat with a 5 minute yoga or meditation a few times but otherwise I did something pretty productive every day.  

2.  Speaking of Peloton - I'm really enjoying the Sundays with Love rides at 11:45am.  I do them with my friend Jodie in Denver and we keep each other accountable!  The ride is inspiring and sets a good tone for the week.  If you have a Peloton, I highly recommend it.

3.  Molly Anne is going to be Mary in her Christmas program at school.  She told me a couple of times this week and I didn't really believe her (I'm not sure why because she doesn't usually miss a beat).  So I asked her teacher and sure enough!  She has a few lines she has to memorize.  It's going to be amazing.  Last year, she was the loudest Angel singer ha!

4.  Mills had surgery to remove 4 cysts yesterday.  It came on very suddenly with one popping up last Saturday on his toe.  That one doesn't look good so they're sending it off.  We will be nursing him back to health this weekend.  I slept on the couch to be right next to him last night.

5.  Who is finished their Christmas shopping?  I have a few more people left but I like to save some of it for December to get into the spirit.  When are you decorating?  With Grady being 18 months this year, I'd like to get a tree on December 24th because it's less time I have to keep him from pulling it down and breaking ornaments.  When Molly Anne was this age, we had it on our porch.  This house, we don't have that option.  Well I guess we do but it'd be cold out there ha!  

6.  Grady has the funniest little personality these days.  He is talking so much more and does funny things like turning his head sideways being silly and shaking his head yes or no when you ask him questions.  He is a hoot.  It's going to be interesting to watch him blossom more as the school year rolls on.  He is going to love Christmas lights and hate sitting on Santa's lap.  Molly Anne and I were talking about him sitting on Santa's lap the other day and even she said, yeah Grady won't like that this year.  She said she will though!

7.  Andrea Ivey is cutting my hair again today and I'm excited.  She does such a good job but of course it's raining today.  I do have fun plans tonight so I hope it lasts!  

8.  Molly Anne is still doing gymnastics every Tuesday.  It's been kinda of Kevin's and her thing to do together.  They do that and Grady and I play and fix dinner.  It helps me get my act together from being gone all day.  

9.  I've been running one night a week with my friend Jen in the neighborhood.  We do about 4/4.5 miles and it's been such a good thing to look forward to after children's bedtimes.  She and I both have young children, we both work and travel (well I only sorta do that) and we just do things the same way. 

10.  I've been room mom'ing a little bit these days - taking care of a few teacher birthdays and setting up the Thanksgiving party extras in Molly Anne's class!  Also, sent Molly Anne's teachers a $10 gift card to Starbucks for the morning after Halloween (they needed it!).  My friend sent me $10 to help survive Grady being sick awhile ago so I passed her good deed on.  These teachers take care of my children so it's the least I can do. 

11.  Dealing with little rental house issues here and there because why could anything ever be easy? 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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