Monday, November 11, 2019

Mom and Dad visit

I’m not sure who in my house loved having my parents in town more!  I so wish they lived here (or closer) so we could see them more.  But we talk a lot on FaceTime and make the moments count when we are together.  

They hadn’t been to Charlotte just to come hang in a couple of years.  In May they were here for Grady’s party and Kevin and I went to Savannah. Then they were here in December 2018 for Christmas. They were here in May 2018 when Grady was born. Then the Christmas before that when we moved. So they needed to just come hang out with us!  

Mom and I shopped the two days that the children were in school while my phone blew up with work emails. I tried really hard to take two days off but it only sorta happened.  The first day we did the mall because it was raining out.  The second day we did little shops around town.  We had a nice lunch at Napa on Providence.  Getting to shop with mom is not lost on me.  I’ve pushed her in a wheelchair before, with a cane and we’ve walked very slowly and sometime regularly around the mall. No matter what, we are together and I’m thankful for that. 

We are good at doing some damage together. We knocked out 95% of her Christmas shopping. Now I need to get my act together!  Ha!

One night we went to our club for dinner. Eating out with the children (ahem Grady) isn’t easy but I’m always glad later that we did it.  

Saturday afternoon while Kevjn worked, we headed to Legion Brewing for a late lunch/early dinner. It was fun!

Mom helped and taught me how to trim the swirl bushes. She’s really good at that stuff. You should see how impeccable their yard is at home. She hand trims some of the plants around their pond. 

Dad built some fires while he was here and spent a lot of time in his favorite place - on our porch. 

This was the best fire.  He started it about 10am and kept it rolling all day. We ate appetizers and got some wings from Duckworths for the Panthers game last Sunday. It was fun watching it and eating out there on the porch. 

Grady loving on Nannie. 

They flew back Monday morning.  It’s always a sad day when they leave. Everyone is sad.  Molly Anne and Mills were not happy. Mills kept going in their room. He always sleeps with them when they’re here.  

Until next time!  It won’t be so long until we see them again. That was way too many months!

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