Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Christmas Outfits

I hadn’t bought the children anything to match for Christmas. I know they don’t really have to but I only have a couple more years that it will happen so I’m going to soak it up!  

I’ve been OBSESSED with this dress for weeks so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it.  Grady will match in these plaid pants and a white button down   They will be presch but I’m only slightly biased!

PS - there’s more below but TBBC does a really wonderful sale every Black Friday which they call Pink Friday!  So check it out!  Also, they don’t know me, I’m just telling y’all I got some deals last year!  A lot of this stuff I’m posting today is on sale already!  

I also ordered some basics they’ll be able to wear throughout the year.  This pima knit Peter Pan collar for under jumpers!  I love these or the lettuce edge turtleneck under shift dresses for the little girls!  

The red night night pajamas for Grady!  These are great for Christmas and Valentines and every night between!  Here they are in two piece! 

And this sounds really odd but I got Molly Anne one pair of these to try and now they’re the only panties she wants to wear!  I got her some more this past week!  Some are on sale now too!

Happy shopping!

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