Friday, January 4, 2019

Molly Anne is 3.5!

Molly Anne is 3.5 today and I thought it'd be fun to share some things about what she's been up to lately and some Molly Anne-isms!

She's around 37/38 pounds.  I think she is hitting a growth spurt in the last few weeks because she's been eating more and none of her leggings fit her!  I had to buy all new ones!  

I've had her most of the last couple of weeks and she has been such a good girl.  She LOVES being a big sister and she LOVES Grady.  We haven't done much of the reward chart lately because she'd get a treat every day, which she sorta does anyway but ya know.  It's been Christmastime!  

She still goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps later in the mornings now.  Sometimes she'll sleep until 8 but usually it's around 7:30am.  She used to get up at 6:30am so this is good!  She takes a nap when she's home like clockwork but at school she only sleeps about half of the days.  They still make them be still on the cot from 1-3pm. 

She LOVES school!  She is really excelling and I can tell a huge difference in her maturity since she started in August!  The things she has learned and is learning there are absolutely unreal.  Because it's a bigger school (even though it feels very small to us!), they have access to so many things - she goes to a "specialty" class every day.  Fun & Fitness, Spanish, Math/Computer Lab, Drama and Science.  The exposure she is getting is prepping her well.  They expect the children to use proper manners and I've seen it get a lot better at home too.  Yes ma'am, no sir, etc.  All of the teachers know Molly Anne and I've heard them tell her hi by name in the hall even though she's not in their class.  It's truly a wonderful place to be.  

Here are some Molly Anne-isms:
1.  The first time we did smores, she called the marshmallows, mushrooms!

2.  She looks at me for approval on some things and shakes her head yes or no as her way of asking me if something is ok. Hard to describe but cute. 

3.  She loves country music and knows a ton of songs and their lyrics.  Sadly she knows other lyrics too of songs she probably shouldn’t know. Thankfully she doesn’t know what anything means. 

4.  She likes to say, "Mama you be the sister and I’ll be the mama, it’s just pretend."  And then - "Mama you be the mama and I’ll be the sister, it’s for real."  The way she says it is adorable!

5.  She remembers where we go.  And months later. Her memory is unreal. She’ll say out of nowhere - “mama that’s where we did such and such!”  She remembers her dentists name from 6 months prior and the gal that cuts her hair. It's wild.  

6.  When she had that super high temperature in November she had to get an X-Ray and my goodness that entire Emergency Room knew her.  Not because she was crying or screaming but because she asked ALL OF THE QUESTIONS!  About everything!  It was a true experience.  One thing she said that I thought was cute was after her x-ray she told the nurse, "I be brave for my X-ray."  She knows proper lingo but I think she was so on high alert about the whole thing, she kind of talked baby again and I loved it!  

7.  Most of her learning is when we are driving around.  We talk about everything and I mean everything.  Yesterday we discussed the big power pole that we saw them put up a few weeks ago.  Well now it has wires on it so we discussed how that is bringing power to places and that's why the light turns on in her room etc.  Yes, she wants to know about all of these things and I happily give her lots of information.  #futureengineer

8.  She's been reading a Usbourne Shine a Light Book about the Body since my Dad read it with her over Christmas.  Well, the other night we got to the teeth page and she started bawling her eyes out when I told her about her baby teeth falling out and getting adult teeth.  Bless her little heart!  I think it seemed scary for her, rightfully so!  We've put that book away for the time being because she became obsessed with the idea.  ;)

9.  When I asked her yesterday what we should get Daddy for his birthday, she proudly declared, "A unicorn sleep mask!"  And she was dead serious!

10.  She will ask you a question and then say, "yes or no?" in this funny voice right after.  So now we like to ask her a question and say, "yes or no" in the same tone she says that.  

Her favorite things include: her unicorn sleep mask (!), being covered up with a soft blanket (and yes she's specific about which ones), Char-Char (stuffed animal), blanky's cousin (the same little giraffe lovey she's always loved, in pic above), chicken nuggets, 9 layer Maryland cake, Mills, her friends, riding her bike and playing outside, going for a run, TCBY, playing soccer, entertaining Grady, playing in her playroom, unicorns, pink and purple, bath bombs, LOL dolls haha, learning, talking, wearing dresses, all things sparkly, watching youtube on my ipad, Ms. Becky (thankfully she still gets to see her almost every day when we pick up Grady), her teachers from her new school, her family, apple juice and popcorn, playdoh, making necklaces, any crafts, airplanes.  The list could go on.  Molly Anne likes everything has never met a brick wall she didn't love talking to at length!

We love you our Molly Annie!  You bring sunshine on a cloudy day and every day!  

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  1. I remember when a little girl I babysat for asked ALL the questions, it was so hard not to say "JUST BECAUSE!!!!" Ha.