Thursday, January 3, 2019

Family Pictures

I cannot believe I'm just now posting these.  They were done the last week of September but then we had to redo a couple of Molly Anne and Grady then I took a little bit of time to choose our 15 and then I printed them all in every size on mpix and then the holidays happened and now here we are.

Lindsay Hart took these and she is wonderful.  Her work is out of this world.  She came over one Saturday afternoon and caught these shots in our backyard.  That makes them extra special to me because I'm not a huge person on those pictures that are done in a random field although I'm sure I will do those one day so no judgment here.  For these, I just wanted some really nice family pictures at our home!  

And here were some other requirements I had, because I'm not crazy or anything haha...classic and timeless, not dressed in Christmas colors, some of the children by themselves and together, Kevin and I each with each child, Kev and I, all four of us and all of us with Mills, and that's kind of about it!  We never had "newborn" pictures taken of Grady even though my iPhone and good camera were in his face for days, weeks and months (and still are!).  I really wanted to wait until he was smiling and this is right when he was starting!  I'm so glad I have these precious pictures.  Thank you Lindsay!