Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Molly Anne’s Room

Thought it'd be fun to share pictures of Molly Anne's room and how it looks these days!  It's been a hot minute since these two pictures...

Her room is painted Sherwin Williams White Dogwood at 50%. 

We used the same Pottery Barn curtains that she had in her room at our old house.  She had two windows in the old house so we used two of those panels in her new room and two in Grady's new room!  I love when I have a brain and buy good classic things!  The humongous flamingo - from my Brother and SIL.  It's Melissa and Doug!

Sorry I had to take these pictures at night.  #work

I ordered these frames from IKEA's website because who has time to go to IKEA and run in and out for $7.99 frames?  Maybe one day I'll go there and browse but it won't be any time soon ha!  On this side of her windows, I printed a few family pictures from mpix's app (which is easy to use by the way).  The quality of mpix can't be beat for the price they are!

And on this side, I framed some of the artwork she had done at Ms. Becky's!

I'd like to get a really pretty abstract painting for this wall!  I know what I want, I just need to find something reasonable for a child's room! ;)

She painted those pretty works of art above her bookshelf!  I love them!  

She has my dresser of drawers I had in college!  

See, aren't they precious?  The gold glitter adds a touch that makes them masterpieces!!

Her bed is mine from when I was growing up!  Someday I'll take off her bed railing but she fell out one time when it wasn't on properly so yeah.  

So there's her room!  She thinks it's pretty special and I do too!  It's perfect for our girl!

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