Friday, January 18, 2019

Pouch, First teeth, Mills, Frame

I'll spare you all the details of what's gone on this week in our household but all is well, mostly.

1.  Molly Annie loves quiet mornings when she doesn't have to rush rush rush to get ready in the morning. 

2.  Anyone else tried these Once upon a Farm pouches?  They are good for incorporating a little veggie in and it's homemade food basically.  I am not a huge fan of mixing veggies and fruits but this one is doable and Grady loved it.  I think we will use these for when we go out to dinner which is very rare these days.  I got these at Harris Teeter but I think some Targets have them the refrigerated section.

3.  If you haven't made this quiche, you should.  It's so good.  I skipped the crust this week and it's equally as good and no carbs. 

4.  Ready for school!

5.  As of this morning, Grady has a couple white spots on that bottom gum.  His left one is a little more pronounced than the other one but they're both there!

6.  I forgot to share this silhouette that I had done of Molly Anne for my Mom last Mother's Day.  It was so beautiful that I had to have one too.  Here is the place I got the silhouette and here is the frame (amazon)!  I replaced the matting to be white instead of the ivory that came with the frame.  

Millsy didn't want us to leave this morning.  He jumped in my car when I was loading it up for the day.  Crazy boy!


  1. Such a sweet silhouette! I can’t believe Grady is already getting teeth! Time is flying!

  2. If Jax gets into the garage and thinks we are going somewhere, it's impossible to get him out of the car! He does not want to be left behind.
    Love the silhouette. Can't wait to have one of our babe done. My mom has her's and her brother's from when they were maybe about 4 years old still hanging on her wall.